Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marathon Training: Week Ocho

I killed it with cross-training this week.  I feel like I really got a grip on things and feel organized.  It was a step-back week in terms of mileage, so it was a good one to add cross-training back into the mix.

Side note:  I'm hungry.

My training runs were perfect.  Effortless.  Speedwork was tough and challenging, as it should very well be.

From a Yoga session with my new favorite teacher to a swim the following morning.

I'm still working on pre-race nutrition (but not really...I wasn't too hungry Friday night, but Harry was.  I nabbed a salad so I wouldn't go to bed starving. ;)).  I'd normally have something more carb-worthy.  Harry shared his brownie bite with me.  <3

My test for this week wasn't only getting all of the training done, but to run the ZOOMA Half Marathon at goal marathon pace.  I aced both tests.

Post-race nutrition is still perfect as can be.

My recovery/keeping the fitness miles run this morning was pretty uneventful.  I ended up leaving the house pretty late...AGAIN...and it was pretty warm out.  I was only going for three, and I reckon there's nothing wrong with some forced heat acclimation.  That being said, I retreated to the park once more for some shade.

SMOOTHIE TIME!  Frozen strawberries, banana, almond milk, and VEGA Sport Recovery Accelerator.  I enjoyed this while taking a bath.  That's something that's kind of new for me lately.  I'm not a bath person, at all, let alone in the summer.  But my muscles have been craving it, especially after a long run.

Dinner tonight, compliments of Chef Harry!

Week Eight Wrap-Up:
Monday - 45 minutes spinning
Tuesday - 7.08 miles, 60 minutes Yoga
Wednesday - 1500 yards swimming, 5.61 speedwork miles
Thursday - REST (BEST DAY EVER!)
Friday - 4.64 easy miles
Saturday - 13.1 miles @ GMP
Sunday - 3.12 easy miles

33.55 miles for the week.
Onto another week!


  1. Great week! Still bummed I didn't get to meet you at the race!

    1. I'm bummed, too, friend! We shall Yerrrrgah together soon?

  2. It's cool to see you drinking a Stone beer from here in San Diego! And I brought this cute little purple racerback tank I bought from Stone Brewery to wear to spin class tonight. Weird!


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