Monday, August 4, 2014

Focus On the Things You Love

Happy Monday!  Let's RACE --

To the Dunkin' Donuts, where I got the very first cup of coffee!  I didn't get it for free or anything, but I feel like I won something, beating out everyone in my neighborhood.  ...maybe I'm just being obnoxiously over-competitive.  *le shrug*

Some tunes I rocked out to this morning while doing my solo spin.  Jumps, climbs (in and out of the saddle), fast flats, sprints and pick-ups, and out-of-the-saddle running.  I wasn't really want for entertainment or variety this morning!

A cooldown and stretch.  My quads aren't as tight as they were yesterday, so yaaaaaay!

My "casual" sunglasses broke a couple of weeks ago, and I have been too lazy to find a new pair.  Running/Cycling sunglasses have been in use since then.

Work stuff, then drove home in a horrible thunderstorm.  EEP.


I received this lovely message this afternoon. It hit so close to home, it's not even funny. While I am a very positive, energetic person, I can be seriously disgruntled about things (even people) I do not like in my life. Do I post about them here or on Facebook? No. Those burdens aren't for anyone else but me. However, one unfortunate part about this is that I deflect some of the feelings from those small, unhappy details of my life in other directions, onto other things that are perfectly delightful and non-threatening to my happiness. This isn't to say that I'm bitchy or out-of-control rude; I just think that I'm focusing on the wrong things sometimes.

I work with some truly amazing souls. Forget the kids -- the faculty I work with gets the job done every single day. However, we fall into the pit of "complain" a whole lot. I try to stay out of the pit, but I eventually fall into it with everyone else, and it seems to be an ongoing issue. I obviously cannot control other people, so I need to work on where I'm focusing my energy. This is one thing about me that I am going to (have to) actively work on.  Pushing past the negative, not allowing disgruntled thoughts or words to enter my brain, and keeping my attention on the things that make me smile, laugh, and bring joy to my life.

I then saw this video from this WONDERFUL SOUL:  I could listen to her talk all day long.

That's a double-dose of FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on things I love!  

Harry was supposed to make dinner tonight, but he's stuck waiting for a train due to an incident that happened earlier this afternoon.  So here's my dinner for tonight:

HAH!  JK!  These for the Kid when he gets home.:)

Are you good at focusing on the things you love, over things you hate or bring you down?  What kind of advice would you give someone who's constantly down and out?

Favorite guilty pleasure on Netflix?

QUICK: What's one thing that made you smile today?!


  1. I had chocolate peanut butter oreos and they were amazing. I may or may not have finished the package in a very frighteningly short amount of time. :x

    But on a different note, hooray for staying on the positive side of the spectrum! It can definitely be hard sometimes but it's definitely worth it. :]

  2. Everyone is riding the perspective train today! I love it! I'm definitely trying to focus on the good--acknowledge the "bad," and then move on.
    They also have Reese's Oreos.
    Netflix--The Tudors and the like. also, lately we have been going after PBS documentaries.

  3. Positive vibes feed positive vibes - the same goes for the negative. Its so easy to stay in a rut and be negative all the time. But the minute you start thinking happy thoughts, happiness appears all around you. i am trying to be more patient and happy with people around me and focusing on things I love really helps a heap. X


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