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I have been an athlete my entire life, playing and competing in everything from basketball and volleyball, to hunter horseback riding (jumping) and golf. I was a sprinter, hurdler, cheerleader, and was on dance team in middle and high school. Once I turned 18 years old and there was no one to tell me how to workout, I had to learn on my own. Is there anything worse? ;)

A few years later, I was a full-on fitness freak! I was the Elliptical Queen, I lifted weights every day, and I did boxing. My goals slightly shifted to bodybuilding (figure) at some point, and after a brief stint of bulking and leaning out, I was ready to do something else...or at least be able to eat something other than chicken and broccoli.

It was at this point that I turned my eyes to endurance sports. I started running in 2008, and finished my first 5K with my Daddio (a.k.a. my Superhero). I fell in love with running! It didn't seem like the biggest chore in the world, I could focus my attention on just myself for however long I went for, and every single run presented new challenges. I eventually started swimming again (I hadn't since I was in high school), and decided to take on triathlon. Some tris, some running, some cycling, and some Yoga later, here I am.

My latest life adventure has led me to Chicago, Illinois! I have run the Chicago marathon twice...guess I couldn't get enough of this place, huh? I kid! This city was just the bonus of being with my most favorite person ever, Harry, who just so happens to be a runner, as well!

I used to blog a bit a few years ago, then came to the decision that I just didn't have anything to blog about on a consistent basis. After moving here, I'm stoked that there is actual excitement in my life! So many places to see, things to do, races to run and tri! I will be updating on the regular about my races and training, foodies, restaurant recaps, and the sights of my travels.  I am a Physical Educator (Adaptive) at a nonprofit organization's center for education, and enjoy motivating and encouraging children and adults of all fitness level and abilities!

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  1. OMG, we've had the reverse fitness journey! I started out in endurance sports (did half marathons and and a half ironman) then moved to bodybuilding (bikini), now I'm more in the yoga camp since my body has basically said "WTF, enough of this hard stuff".

    So glad I found your blog!


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