Saturday, September 20, 2014

Four Words

This has been a GREAT WEEK, guys!  I will have more tomorrow in terms of training, but with my Daddio coming into town yesterday, this is what I have time for today:  Four words per picture (FUN!).

So.danged.yummy, y'all!

Could hold all day.

Close your eyes.  Listen.

Fall is so close!

Beer, pizza, good company.

A lovely morning sky.

Coaching: I do it.

Find me @ :19.:)

Awkward picture timing, Tiff.

All the fried food!


We ate them all.

He knows what's up.

They went to Wrigley.

And I did this.


(Yeah, I know they're not words.  My blog, my rules!  Haha!)
How has your week gone?!

Any plans this weekend?

RANDOM:  Kraft Mac n' Cheese or homemade mac?
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