Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The best word to describe...

It was about 58*F out, but kind of muggy.  Cool and drizzly usually means that I'm throwing on a light jacket over my sports bra.  I get hot QUICKLY when working out (no matter the training sesh -- cycling, running, weights, Yoga, etc.), so I under-dress most of the time.  THIS JACKET rocked my world in the Spring, and is making a return for the Autumn runs, as well.

Oh my gosh @ my lunch.  Sure, it looks bland as all getout, but sweet potato + brown rice & quinoa + turkey burger patty + Wholly Guacamole = my fave *not quick* lunch.  That sweet potato was in the microwave for like 15 minutes.

Did the Volleyball Coach thing...

Then head home for some downtime and some Simpsons.  I'll never get enough.  Dinner came, and since Taco Tuesday is a thing in our house, chicken tacos were on the menu.

More Simpsons and some snuggles, and my Tuesday was set.

I wish motivation came as quick as a snap, and I can't possibly be the only person with this wish.  Sometimes, it comes overnight, after a terrific experience leading up to your goal, after seeing a friend reach their goals, etc.  Then other times, it's slow as a snail, inching every so slowly into your heart, soul, and noggin.  You read books, post your favorite quotes, you watch all of the right movies, you listen to the best tunes on the planet, to no avail.

Then, it comes.

When it hits you, what's the word you would use to describe it?  Is badassery involved?  Strength?  FIRE?  DESIRE?  Determined?!

For me, there is no other word to describe my motivation at its very best --


My motivation has some fire, mixed with compassion and determination.  When I consider my goals and my motivation is on the ups, I feel tenacious...hungry...persistent...about reaching them.

Let's forget about the actual act of setting goals for just a moment.  The training, the dedication, and the mindset you instill during the goal-reaching process is equally as important.

I'm especially reminiscent this week -- the Chicago Marathon is coming up, and that just plucks at my heart strings.  Remembering the tenaciousness that I felt, lived, breathed for such an amazing training cycle last year gets me so stoked for my upcoming events.  More on THAT later!<3

Thanks for the link-up, Deb!

Deb Runs

If this got too real for you, then check out a *BRAIN HUG*.

What word best describes your motivation?  

Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday, Foodie or Fish Friday?  Do you and your significant other or friends *celebrate* foodie days?

Do you have Columbus Day off?  Anyone have three-day weekend plans, besides those of you rocking out the Chicago Marathon?  

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