Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Harry Hiding Food From Me?, and This Should Be Hilarious

Wanna see something glorious?




A brand-spankin'-new jar of Nutella.  OOOOOOOOO-yeah.  Breaky = Toast with Nutella and a 'nanner.

I was putting the bread away, and saw something behind the Costco-sized box of snack Bunnies.  Behold...

 I am pretty dang sure that Harry hid this from me.  Could you really blame him?  I eat everything!

Some quality nutrition for lunch -- turkey burger patty, broc, 'maters, and brown rice + quinoa.  I've started putting Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on everything, this lunch included.

Harry got home from his long run (14 miles today), showered up, and we head out to Naperville for the Esprit de She tri packet pick-up.

Course talk!

We did some shopping while we were in the area.  Also?  I knew that there was a Which Wich somewhere in Naperville.  There aren't any in Chicago (I think one, but it's pretty far from me), and I have had a HANKERIN' for this for SO LONG!  We were driving down the street, and I magically found it.<3

OH..............................mygah!  Perfect pre-race fuel?  I guess we'll find out today.

I ate the whole medium-sized sammich.  God bless.  We head home, just in time for an enormous thunderstorm to hit the city.  It was a slow ride home.  After arriving and settling in, I started packing for the tri this morning.

Everything is all organized and ready to go.

I finally pulled out the ole' FR 305.  I haven't used it in quite some time, but today should be a perfect opportunity to rekindle our wrist-relationship.

Wish me luck!  For those of you who will be out there, look out for me -- I'll be the one laughing and smiling the whole time.:)
What's your workout for today?
-Please say "relaxing".:)

My school is OUT THIS WEEK!  What about the schools in your area?

Anyone going to see a new movie this weekend?
-I want to see "Jurassic World", but I usually wait until two or three weeks past the opening weekend.

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