Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm not overthinking things. Finally.

MAN.  Is it already Thursday?!  Let's get this party started!

1.  THIS is how I'm going to react to the lemons life throws at me.  From now on, they are a welcomed mystery, full of chance and fun.

No, nothing major has happened; I've just decided to change my perspective about things for the better (I'm usually, what a friend so affectionately [it was 5:00am] referred to me as "Miss Mary Freaking Sunshine", or "Polly Positive"), but I want to say that a few kind of really big things have happened in my life since moving to Chicago.  I feel like some of those things kind of jilted me, and I'm really ready to see them as positive changes (they really are!) and to move on with a smile.  Now I just need this puppy in my life.

2.  I NEED TO TELL YOU about the North Face gear I received!  

New trail running shoes!  For real, though, I use these on the snow and ice.  I should probably just find a trail so I don't have to wait until December or January to enjoy them.:)

THIS solar recharging kit from Goal Zero!  I didn't even know that this was an option for recharging your phone or tablet!

Included in my pack was a pair of shorts, a wicking tee, and sports bra from the BETTER THAN NAKED line.  Those shorts = MY NEW FAVORITE SHORTS OF ALL TIME.  I absolutely LOVE how they fit on me, and I will definitely review them once I'm back to running and have had a go in them.  The shirt feels like AIR, and the sports bra is a perfect fit and has a POCKET in the middle of the layers in the front!  WHAT?!

I'm going to review all of these pretty soon, so stay tuned.;)

3.  Let's talk about food.  I feel like it's been too long since we've discussed subsistence.  This is my favorite breakfast, plus a banana.  I eat one egg, and three egg whites --- so much proteiiiiiiiin!  And of course?  Sunny-side up.

4.  I feel like I'm at in a point in my life where I'm finally learning from previous mistakes.  I almost left my water bottle on my bumper.  ALMOST.

5.  The Lakefront Trail in Chicago is probably my most happy place; I just wish they'd hurry up and finish their improvements of my happy place.:)

6.  21 miles yesterday on Lola.  The ride out was welcomed with headwind and a TON of tourists and people walking in the middle of the trail.  This is obvs something you have to deal with as a cyclist, a cycling enthusiast, a runner, a roller blader, etc.  Really, though, it's just yelling "ON YOUR LEFT" more often, and praying for more patience.  Additionally, I just think that front now on, I shouldn't go at 11:00am.:)<3

7.  I love how sometimes someone can take a message, mess up the words, and it makes the most sense ever.  Thanks, Karen!

8.  I'm okay that things like this are happening.


10.  FINALLY.  I feel like I'm in a spot where so many things make sense.  Life is finally coming together, so much so that positive messages are constantly being re-read and are making a permanent spot in my brain.  Especially this one.;)

Have a fantastic Weekend Eve Eve, guys!
Do you like eggs?!  How do you like them?

Tell me one positive thought you recently had!  (Big time sharing today, huh?)

Are you playing Pokemon Go?  During your training?  My hero.:)
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