Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The brands we love (and want them to love us)

Monday mornings are perfect for me to get in a recovery spin.  I keep the workout very light, very few climbs, unless my legs feel pretty good.  I keep the resistance on (P.S. never ride with *no resistance*.  Like, ever.) a good gear that's a medium push for me, then mess with my RPMs.

Also, you gotta do sprints whenever this song comes on, whether you're running or cycling.  #truestory

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I had the whole spin room to myself.  I actually find it pretty easy to motivate myself, no matter how early it is.

I keep forgetting to update you with my breakfast.  Ruuuuuuuude.  It was oatmeal.:)  With banana.:)  And PB.:)  And chia seeds.:)  (Oh yeah, I'm on that bandwagon now.:)

LUNCH was something quick and yummy.

As was my early afternoon snack.

Another teacher at school got these tissues for me.  Bless her.

(get it?  OH I'm a barrel of monkeys today.)

Late afternoon snack.  I don't know about you, but I could eat avocado with anything, and I could eat it every single day.

Dinner was penne with a delicious sauce.  Harry got home, exhausted, and since I was ready to hit the sack early, we made something super easy for Meatless Monday (oh yeah, we're doing that now, too).

Today on Tuesdays on the Run, the topic was "Dream Sponsors" and brand ambassadorships.  I gotta say, though, I'm pretty blessed in that department.

I'm one of the Locals.  It's pretty much the best.:)

LEGEND Compression - If you want to give them a try, use the code AmbFriend2016 for 15% off!

All of the #StayHydrated NUUN!

And just in case you didn't know!  Get a few bucks off that RnR race you wanna run with my code!

And just for giggles ------------>

(My Instagram: TheChiAthlete)

Tuesdays on the Run

What's your dream brand sponsor?!

Have you run a Rock 'N' Roll race?  Which one?

What's your breakfast today?
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