Monday, September 29, 2014

Marvelous [In My Monday]: Words Edition

Soooooooooo many wonderful things are happening, friends!  I have to share some of the Marvelous in My Monday!

Did you see THIS?

I can't help but wonder when someone will break the two-hour marathon time.

I just got goosebumps.

Are you a gross runner?  I am guilty of blowing snot rockets and spitting (off to the side and in the general wind direction; not toward people, but always aiming away).  When I first started running (about five years ago!), I didn't know where to blow my nose; honestly, I'd just keep sniffling until I made myself sick sometimes.  I started carrying tissues or a bandana to blow my nose into, and eventually said "eff it" and blew my nose wherever.  Yeah, it's gross, but I'd rather be gross and comfy while running than slightly-less-gross and be uncomfy.  This article discusses other issues for runners, and I suggest reading it if you're a newbie runner.  It will clear up some issues you're probably curious about, for sure.:)


My work computer CRACKS.ME.UP.  Do you realize HOW OLD Mr. Paperclip is?!


I was running through Facebook yesterday, and this showed up on my newsfeed:

I quickly realized that I have actually done this before.  Have you?  It's the best feeling that makes your heart soar and your eyes sting from the initial moment of tears.  I hope that you have had the opportunity to have that feeling.  If not, just know that it's coming.:)

With that being said (typed), I wanted to throw some Marvelous in YOUR Monday by adding a whole bunch of fantastic quotes to make you feel so awesome about your life.  You deserve it.  Every single human on this planet does.

This one was a find on Laura's bloggie, Fat2Fit.

And another one on Janae's bloggie.

IMG 8641

Randoms on Facebook.

I could listen to her talk ALL DAY LONG!  Every word she says speaks right to my heart, bless it.

Have yourself a MARVELOUS Monday, darlings!  I've got spin class at 5:45am, and so ready to rock it out!
Halloween is SO CLOSE!  Do you know what you/your kiddos/all of your family are dressing up as for the big night?
-I'm thinking about being a zombie P.E. teacher, but I don't know!  Suggestions?!

Speaking of Halloween, what's your fave Halloween candy?
-Snickers and candy corn.  Hands down.

Any fun things coming up?  Events, parties, races?

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