Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beginning with a healthy base, and we're so annoying.

Happy Wednesday, BFFs!

Great news -- My base building has begun.  I am just about four weeks away from the start of marathon training, and I basically plan on following the same format that I did for my last marathon (a modified Higdon intermediate plan).  My training, as you know, has been less than desirable lately.  BUT, I feel rested, and I'm ready to get my mileage back up into the 25-30 mile range to comfortably enter mary training.

And?  I accidentally matched everything.  My headband was sparkly green, so there's that?

There's a dumb joke in here somewhere...

You know what I'm most excited about, though?  Really getting goal-oriented, and totally talking your eyeballs off about mileage and cross-training -- because that's what it's allllllllll about.  I'm clearly excited about so many things, and one of them is training in the fall/winter.  That'll be a first.  And hopefully a blast...y'all know how much I love running in the cooler and cold temps!  Like, a lot.:)
So, did you see THIS?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, guilty.:)

And yeah.  This, too.

And a blog post here wouldn't be complete without something food related, so here ya' go.  The best idea I've ever seen in my life.  *BRAIN HUG*

And we should all avoid negativity.  Get that out of your life, yo.

Well, Runner?  What else do we do that annoys people that wasn't on the list?

Who's with me on the cupcake sammich?  Because that's happening.  Like soon.

How many miles a week do you keep in your off-season, or just regularly?  
-I usually keep 20-25 mpw in the books.

PB FANS:  Is there EVER too much PB?  Or never enough?

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