Sunday, March 29, 2015

Scenes From a Friday Afternoon - Sunday Morning!

Hallo!  I hope you're having a fantastic weekend, my beautiful friends!

Let's start our photo journey with the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K Expo!

I wanted one of each.

I will down my entire water of bottle just to use one of these whenever I see one.  I usually have to find a restroom very soon after.

Saturday stuff!  Easy longish run...

Our heat is out in our apartment, so this is my new favorite place to sit.

We were off to help some /R/iver /R/unners friends moved.  Also, they promised coffee and donuts, pizza and beer to show their thanks.  They made good on it.  Here's Steph showing me her mad moving skillz:  How to keep the front door open, and trap Harry at the same time.

Fearless Leader Greg's parents brought over some chili verde!  DEE-LISH!

Also -- I got to move this.

The guys outdid themselves by starting to hoist things up and over the balcony.  I mean, why not?

/R/iver /R/unners moving team.  Est. 2014.

Yeah, it went up and over, too.  This single act was all that the guys could talk about for the rest of the visit.

Some moving fuel.

Post-pizza and good convo:  Harry and I took off for some grocery shopping.  Harry had some major soccer-watching plans for the afternoon and needed a pick-me-up.  I suggested that we try the smoothie/juice booth at the Mariano's.

While Harry had some soccer to watch, I had a nap to take.:)

Dinner = Tradition Tacos for pre-race fuel.

We always seem to overdo it on taco nights.

To my first Shamrock Shuffle!

And now...

SPOILER ALERT:  It won't be a PR!  I'm not in shape for it, but this will be a fantastic time!

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