Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My New Favorite

My run yesterday morning = badassery.  I actually haven't run this far down this trail, but I have cycled it a few times. I knew that it was pretty hilly, and I need to go slower for the sake of building mileage.  Is that what happened?  No.  It was 58*F, I was in shorts and a wick'ing tee, and enjoyed the snot out of this run.  I just get a horrible case of Happy Feet when it's cooler out.  Not that this is new to me, by any means.  The first cool day of Fall in Texas every single year always included a run...a very quick one, usually.

Regardless, my legs feel great today, and as long as I can safely recover from a run like that and keep them minimal, I should be fine. Just look at how pretty it was, for cryin' out loud.

Good morning, deer!  Can you spot them?

I have been meaning to go to this class on Tuesday evenings for quite some time, and I finally hit it up last night.  I got there just as the class was beginning, and we were starting in Child's Pose!  I already love this class.:P   We quickly went through some breathing techniques, then moved into two varieties of Sun Salutations.  She offered Vinyasa between series, which I really loved.  Shoulder work, including shoulder stands (in which she applauded and cheered for me, the newbie in her class, as I extended my body and pointed my pretty toes to the ceiling, haha), back bends (Wheel Pose!), corework, and so many levels in each pose that allowed me to work on advancing it.  She was very energetic, and at the same time very calming.  That REALLY made my Yoga heart happy!  I can finally say that I have my brand new favorite instructor to replace my fave from San Antonio.  I will forever <3 Janice, but am happy to now have Wendy.:)

A swim this morning.  I wasn't planning on it, but I felt a little obligated after I ate a ton for Taco Tuesday last night.  Harry grilled steak for tacos and corn for elote...Heaven.  Having eaten all of that, I felt like I should go ahead and complete what's on my training schedule, no matter how much I wanted to get an extra hour of sleep last night.

I feel like I have to say this:  Normally I wouldn't have worried about calorie consumption; I mean c'mon...look at how I eat.  The truth is that I have a history of disordered eating and have slowly but surely come back from counting every single calorie (not to mention obsessing over macronutrient grams) that I ate and burned.  I've learned to combat that with Intuitive Eating and just not worrying about numbers altogether.  There's a big 'ole long story to all of this, one that I shall share at the right time.  Mmmmkay?

We are meeting up with the /R/iver /R/unners this evening for our group run.  Harry will be hitting the trail solo, as he has a 5K tomorrow evening.  I'm sure Steph and I will crank out some great times tonight!

Two things I'll leave you with today:

I honked at a goose this morning.  Ironic?

And for real.  But probably not.

Does anyone have any big races coming up?  TELL TELL TELL.

How's your week so far?

What is your favorite day of the week?

-Seriously, I think mine is Wednesday. I somehow feel like everything comes together on this day!
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