Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just FYI on a Sunday afternoon

This was a weird way to chill last night -- all three of us on our laptops while watching "The Simpsons".

And this is mandatory for today:  Harry is a huge Steelers fan.

This is my favorite Sunday lunch.

These are going to belong to me once they make it to the US.

AND THIS IS HAPPENING TODAY!  There are a few good things on there.;)

Do you pay attention to deals online?
--I'm kind of afraid to, to be honest.  Ha.


  1. I used to, and when I have too much time on my hands I do. But that gets verrrrry dangerous

    1. I used to have J.Crew and Nordstrom e-mailing me on the regular, until recently. I treated myself far too much over the past couple of weeks. :D

  2. Yeah, we spend a lot of times on our devices while watching TV on the weekends (usually sports).

    Most of my ordering comes from Amazon, but I do occasionally click on other online deals.

    1. Same! Harry and I have a theory that Prime enables us...;)


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