Monday, January 9, 2017

Just a few words...

Good morning and happy Monday!  I have A LOT going on today, including GOING BACK TO WORK!  Yaaaaaay!  I enjoyed my time off so very much, and I am definitely ready (now that the house is completely clean from top to bottom).  I know that it's going to be mildly hectic.  I'm 96% ready for the challenges that we Teachers face when coming back after the breaks.:)

For today, I thought I'd just give you a few words per picture.  It's a fun game for me, and you don't have to read so much!  You're welcome.

Keeping myself entertained.

Only Saturday workout.

Low-key evening.

Sophia chose dinner.

"Ugly Naked Guy" (+1) nachos.

Still opening presents?!

I slingshot that.

Loved the Globes! 

I'm a rebel.

Happening this morning! 

Some #MondayMotivation.

Some #ChicagoTruth.

Have a beautiful day, y'all!<3

Tell me about your weekend!  One fun thing?

Do you watch TV or read while on a treadmill or while cycling indoors?  
-TV; I WISH I could read while exercising!  

What's your workout for today?


  1. I watch TV & scroll through IG while indoor cycling. I don't usually multitask, but I'm just watching the news, which doesn't really require a lot of watching.

    Looks like fun times! I have to run today and it's still pretty darn chilly. We had a few degrees when I woke up. But this week is gonna be busy and it really needs to get done today!


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