Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Back to school, and things hangry people do

Look, no matter what kind of revenge Harry and I felt the need to pursue against Monday, at LEAST it started off pretty boss.

45 minutes on Lola-trainer, while watching more GoT.  I couldn't finish it all over the break -- so disappointing.

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I took my sweet time getting ready, which led to me hurrying my booty out the door (only ten minutes late leaving my house than I normally would).  No worries -- I got to work on time.

Sooooo I totally packed my lunch and all for yesterday.  In three minutes.  Sweet potato, black beans, and a fresh avocado were flung into my lunch bag, along with a bowl and my coffee mug.

Notice anything missing?

No fork to pierce the sweet potato before cooking it in the microwave/to eat the sweet potato.  No knife to open the avocado.

Derp face.

LUCKILY, I am always sometimes prepared and had some food on hand at the school.   Side note:  I am always sure to beg for extra croutons whenever I go get a salad at Wendy's, basically for this very reason.  We have two random boxes of plastic spoons in the office, so I nabbed one for my soup.

I was reminded of why I love my middle school girls so much -- so chill, so fun, so excited to play and they never give me issues.

Plus...they give me candy.<3

My sweet friend made these and put them in the teachers' lounge ----------> Gooey peanut butter Rice Krispy balls.  She's the best!

Here's where the day started to go a little downhill.  It started to snow, and thus, everyone drove v-e-rrrrr------y-----sl----ow------l----y.  I had planned on attending a weights class at a gym near my home, but I couldn't make it because of all the traffic.  I was irked that I couldn't make it, but I wasn't mad.

For Heaven's sake it was snowing.  I'll never ever blame the white stuff.  It's so darn pretty.

My feet were a little achy from wearing/breaking in the new orthotics, so I gave them a deliriously painful treat (ice bottle service).  Rolling out my feet is my absolute least favorite thing to do, but I should absolutely try doing it more often.

Apparently Harry had had enough of his Monday, too.  After discussing dinner plans (and appearing ever-so-slightly to have overthrown Sophia's technical devices), we decided that WE were going to show Monday what was up!

We ended up enjoying the rest of an episode of "Black Mirror" before I went to sleep around 8:45pm.  That was SOME day.  But I'm happy to be back at work, that's for sure.  I missed the structure of a day (y'all know me...at some point, I don't like a random amount of freedom in my schedule), and I missed my students and co-workers.
I randomly came across this the other day, and felt that at least some of you guys can relate.


1 Your Body Knows When IT IS TIME
You are well-acquainted with the sensation of feeling fine one moment, then instantly being transported to the hanger thunder-dome. IT IS ON, AND YOU NEED A SANDWICH.
-Even Sophia knows my warning signs...

Do you keep emergency snacks/food items at work/in the car/in your bag?

Favorite way to roll:  Tennis ball, roller, ice bottle, golf ball, etc?

Whether it was planned or surprise, what was the first song you heard today?
-"24KMagic" is my new alarm clock song, yussssssssss.


  1. Do I get hangry.
    Also, I get emotional and anxious and can start to cry if I am hungry and can't get to food for whatever reason.

    1. I'm going to make a new rule: To only eat out with people who understand the true effects of *Hangry*. People who don't always seem to be late...

  2. I would like to think that you are just the most fun teacher ever!

    I'm always hangry...

    1. That's what they tell me, Wen! <3

      Perpetually hangry...got you...

  3. gooey butter rice krispy balls WHAAAT?!?!?!?!?

  4. I definitely get hangry. I live vicariously through your gym class Snap stories!

    1. Lol I LOVE my students! Every emotion is felt with those kids!


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