Friday, January 6, 2017

How I dealt with BLAH today...

Today was weird.  Or it started off that way, and slowly became better with the help of some stereotypical ways to make one feel better.

I did get SOME news about my foot (injury) this morning.  It wasn't want I expected (or wanted), and I still have a thousand thoughts going on in my head.  I still have SEVERAL questions to ask.

What I DO know is that I can run soon.  Very soon.  More on that later.

Also, the treadmill at The Running Institute has a baller view.

Seeing a wonderful friend was a must.  We had made our lunch date with my doctor's appointment and Suz's IVF info in mind, and I'm so happy it worked out the way it did.  Disappointed, slightly shattered, and a little bit devastated, I let myself be a little hot mess in front of my friend.  If I could spill my guts to anyone that wasn't my husband, it'd be Suz.

I <3 that she's my friend, my sounding board, my human to BLAH BLAH BLAH to, and I <3 her hugs.  She may be tiny, but she gives the best hugs.

Also, do you ever take pictures of your friends showing their blogger colors?  haha. <3

Ramen was good for the soul today.  Especially when it's 9*F out, and especially on a day that started off mildly disappointing.

I couldn't resist another form of stereotypical "deal" when I went grocery shopping.

And I'm ending my weird day with a little bit of this.  Not to make myself feel better, but to at least cheers with my husband to a brighter day.

And on that note, all I know is that sometimes, no matter what, it will be okay.  No matter the disappointing news, no matter the amount of question marks, and no matter the amount of UGH you're going through, it WILL be okay.  Tomorrow will be better, always.

Tell me something happy about your day.:)


  1. I feel you. I have had more ups and downs in the last month than I can even imagine. Hang in there.

    1. Thank you, friend, and same to you! We're all in this together; it's just tough getting a grasp sometimes. <3

  2. I hope everything will be okay! Sending lots of good thoughts your way, and glad that you're able to stay positive through this! <3

    That's so awesome that you get to know Suz in real life! <3 (My friends like to try catching me in blogger mode too, hahaha. They haven't completely succeeded yet..)

    1. Thank you, sweet friend!

      I'd love to think that you and I get to meet someday! <3

  3. I continued to be a hot mess all weekend. But I was a blank slate hot mess, and that made it just a bit better :D <3

    1. I say we make it a weekly thing, then we won't be volcanoes of crazy..maybe...


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