Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Injury Report: The MRI Results and Treatment

Hey, guys, happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I got to see Dr. Chin from The Running Institute for my MRI results.

Let me just say that I am very, very happy with how well I've been taken care of from these professionals.  Part of being an injured patient, let alone being an injured runner (we're the worst!), is having confidence in your Doctor and their team.  After a wonderful, hopeful first visit with Dr. Chin, I knew I was in great hands.  I felt very confident walking into their offices yesterday, knowing that no matter what was going on with my foot, that they were going to provide the best care for it and for me.

This team did not disappoint.

Dr. Chin pulled up my MRI and pointed out several issues, including a huge (HUGE) contusion on my heel that was *thisclose* to causing a stress fracture, acute Plantar Fasciitis, and what appeared to be a tear in my Plantar Fascia.  There were a couple of other minor issues, but ones that Dr. Chin assured me weren't abnormal for someone who's active.

Dr. Chin went over the treatment options with me.  *Very brief summaries of each:.

One was EPAT Shockwave treatment; I had originally sought out the help from this group of professionals because of this particular treatment -- my PT had referred me to them.  I did a (tiny) bit of research before seeing Dr. Chin; it seems legit and Dr. Chin did speak highly of it as a treatment option.

TENEX surgery -- again, another great option.  Dr. Chin had briefly gone over this option at my last visit.  I honestly thought that I was going to go for this, not really knowing how bad (or good) my condition was at the time.  There isn't a ton of downtime after the surgery, but you do have to go through PT.  Again, another legit treatment option.

Ultimately, I chose an AmnioFix injection.  Dr. Chin gave me a brochure on it, and went over it and the treatment process.  *VERY BASICALLY* -- this stuff acts like glue to treat microtears and pain.  The time in the boot is two to four weeks.

NO LIE:  The injection costs a pretty penny.  While going through the options (including costs) once more, I knew that this was something I wanted to try.  For the most part, I chalked this up to me buying time.  I'm very hopeful that it will be worth it!

The office was happy to get me squared away yesterday.  What a blessing.  Dr. Chin used an ultrasound to guide the injection, which was a fun process to observe.  No, I'm not trolling you.  I'm fascinated by stuff like this, even when it's happening to me.  :D

And just like that, I was on the road to recovery.

Soooooooooo yup, I'm in a boot, which means *all* of the restrictions, basically.  I did ask if I could swim -- Dr. Chin said this was fine, but to give it a few days (injection site + pool water = possibility for an infection disaster).  Cycling is out of the question.  I am going to check out the two gyms near me and my school to see if they have an Ergometer; this will probably be my best bet for trying to maintain any level of cardio. 

I ain't even mad, though!  For the past four months, THIS HAPPY is all that I have been thinking about.  Just knowing that it can happen again is keeping the corners of my mouth up up up!:)

Tuesdays on the Run
Have you had an awesome experience with healing?  TELL ME or link your blog post about it below!  I'll need some good reading material, haha!


  1. Girl.... you know where to find good reading material! #DasBootSuz
    I'm just so glad that you finally have answers!

  2. Yikes girl. You did that foot up right. That boot looks so much sleeker than mine. I'm jealous (is that weird LOL). Speedy recovery my friend!!!!!


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