Monday, November 21, 2016

It's finally time!

Once again, dearest friend, I have to catch you up with what's going on in my life.  Forget regularly blogging, say I!  But really, it's because I haven't had much to blog about -- which is ridiculous.  It's not like my life stopped.

Though it may have felt that way, without a way to exercise my (rhetorical) demons (maybe literal ones, too).

Or my booty.


So last Thursday, I saw Dr. Chin at The Running Institute, with my hopes pretty high.  It had been about three weeks since I had seen him, when I first started wearing Das Boot/Herman Munster Boot.  We discussed my options at this point, regarding weaning off the boot.  The good news:  I get to NOT wear it around the house, and up to four blocks' worth of walking; I still need to wear it at work.  The great news:  I get to go back to spinning and cycling!  No running for a while; Dr. Chin could sense my slight frustration and immediately jumped into recovery mode.  He assured me that, though I might feel some discomfort, I'm healing.

I keep reminding myself of that:  I'm healing, I'm healing, I'm healing.

The contusion in my heel is still healing.  Dr. Chin and I discussed the option of orthotics. I have never been a fan of, at all.  To me, there is always a way to heal a part of your body that you believe needs a brace.  I'd rather make my body stronger than rely on something to temporarily fix something.

That being said, Dr. Chin explained, with what had to be his most sincere words possible, that this wasn't something we were simply *bracing*.  This isn't an issue where I could have been stretching something differently, or preventing it from happening with strength training.  It just happened.  With that logic, I went with the orthotics.

The process of getting orthotics, itself, is kind of strange.  It's a good thing Dr. Chin is a great conversationalist, because you have to sit still for a while.

My feet!  The casts look like Dutch wooden clogs.

It was Friday that I realized that it'll be a week until the Gilmore Girls season begins on Netflix.  EEP!  I have a whole week to cram in every episode!

It's finally time for me to have a more positive and happy outlook.  No, I'm not joking.  I've had a REALLY tough time with some life stuff lately (maybe you can relate?), and this year has been my first bummer year in quite some time.  I'm going to blog more about my new adventure with that once I have it more organized.  One thing is for sure:  I'm definitely done with all things political, as well as things that stress me out with which I have no control.

So I choose love, and I choose laughter.

For instance...

In my efforts to reinforce a happy day, I've started following Lin-Manuel Miranda and started getting Twitter notifications from him (only). #starmode #insightful #fascinating

Is it weird that I rely on the weather to give me some happy feelings?  We got our first real cold snap here in the Chi this past weekend.  While I'm slightly bummed that I cannot run in this weather, I'm finding the other happy things that I enjoy doing/eating/seeing/watching during this time of year.

I made these yesterday, and I swear, it completed the day (at 8:30am).  It was finally time to make them.  They've been sitting in the fridge, minding their own business, waiting for a non-70-80 degrees day.

Sophia didn't want anything to with them.  She cannot stand pumpkin spice.

That just left more for Harry and I.

Turning on Elliot Elefante is a must.  We get some super dry heat in our apartment; sometimes it's difficult to sleep without some humidity.

I'm starting a new ritual today!  Instead of coming home and plopping on the couch (ugh, I still have to get through GGirls after this), I'm going to journal each day when I get home.

I feel like you're all caught up now.;)  How did your weekend go, friend?

I'm going to be spinning while you're reading this!  What's your workout for this Monday?!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Favorite Thanksgiving food?
-LEFTOVERS.  Of COURSE, it's a food group!:)<3


  1. I've missssssed you! But I think we've all been pre-winter hibernating in some form, particularly after the recent events. I've had orthotics formed a few ways: the casting method and the step into a box method. I will say that the step into a box method worked better for me, but my body hardly works, so that is unsurprising. Hopefully, you will up and running in the freezing cold asap. I would like to take a pass at those temps.

    1. I've missed you, friend! I'd love to hear more about your orthotics -- I'm still 2% weary of them. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  2. There you are! I had no idea you were in the boot. Can I be the devil's advocate and ask how Dr Chin deduced that 4 blocks was the limit for you to walk bootless? Sorry but I have this inner skeptic and that makes me a very bad patient...

    Onward and upward!

    1. Here I am, lady! I honestly have no idea how he came to that; maybe 1/4 mile walking is the prescription? And I don't mind your skepticism, like at all.<3


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