Monday, October 24, 2016

Good News! (With more to come!)

So get this!  After months of confusion (+frustration, mild depression, etc.) and a ton of indecisiveness from my Podiatrist, I went to get a second opinion.  While I really appreciated the help of the first guy, my new Podiatrist had MUCH more to say, MUCH more to do, and seems to be MUCH more motivated to find a way for me to get back to running, as well as back to Muay Thai.

So at my appointment last week, Dr. Chin prescribed an MRI, a night splint, and taping of my heel every single day.  Here's my new sexy sleepwear.:)

I have used tape before for minor snags, but this stuff leaves all those tapes in the dust!  I haven't had a lot of pain since taping my foot, and I've woken up without hobbling after getting out of bed since wearing the splint.  We're already off to a great start.

The MRI was fine (actually FUN -- the MRI tech was a riot, and threw on some 80s music for me to jam out to during the procedure [if you've ever had an MRI, you know that the machine doesn't make the most comforting noises]), and I even got a CD of my first professional photos of my left ankle.  Kind co

And the best news ever?  I don't have to wait too long to see Dr. Chin.  In fact, I see him this afternoon, and I promise that I'll update you tomorrow with the news.  Meanwhile, he (rightfully so) has restricted me from running and Muay Thai kickboxing.  After listening to every single Podcast from the Muay Thai Guys, I realized (finally) that I cannot let this injury get the best of me.  I'm still working on my cardio and boxing.

Spinning is taking place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  I missed classes!  While I can do a spin workout on my own, I really like Instructor Sarah, and it just makes sense for me to hit up her classes for variety.  Another great thing about taking classes is that I don't have to think about what I need to do next to get a great workout.

In related news, I had to miss my last class of the day one day last week for (one of) my doctor's appointments.  I came back the next day and found a few notes for me.  Yes, after ONE DAY.:D

Our past weekend with Soph was pretty normal...other than when she and Harry stayed up late to see the Cubs clinch the NLCS.  Fireworks went off all around apartment (we aren't even remotely near Wrigleyville, but this city has been waiting for this!), and Soph was pretty stoked about it.

This was the scene the next morning...

Soph had some homework to do.  Harry had work to do.  I got to chill and plan out my week.  After dropping off the Bug, we got home in time for some football and Sunday-afternoon-stuff...

A few randoms:

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Also, me...every single day...

Go check out Diva's baby sprinkle today!  Cutest and most gorgeous pictures ever!

One question today:

Tell me ONE fantastic thing about your weekend, friend!


  1. YAS. Let us please fix the foot. Like now. That would be great.
    And that breakfast picture? THAT IS SO ME

  2. I hope you get some answers! I did the night annoying....


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