Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When you've had enough, and a SPIN WORKOUT

We all reflect on our training.  What's going wrong, what's going right, what feels awesome, what feels wonky.  Sometimes we can't pinpoint a thing, and get mentally and/or physically and/or emotionally stuck.

I really feel like I've been stuck for about a year now.  I recollect saying so.

Do you ever just get fed up with yourself?  No one hates themselves on this bloggie; it's not THAT bad.  I just got tired of *EASY* workouts.  Yesterday morning, I got to the gym (almost late...), clipped into a spin bike, and growled a little.

Don't worry -- the spin room was empty...I think...

I started thinking about how much I train now versus how much I'm used to training.  And I got MAD.  "Why are you wimping out lately?!"  I quickly went to one of my favorite workouts to rock the frick out of a solo spin.

So I turned on the Daft Punk, and dealt with it.

And within 50 minutes, I had the prettiest glisten!

Here we go -------------------> Start with the first Standing Climb, recover, then move on to Standing Climb + Hover, then recover again.  Standing Climb + Hover + Build-Up Sprints, then recover...you get the idea, right?

Breakfast was f----------ugly; oatmeal is never pretty, but it's delicious, so it's okay in my book.  Threw some pb and a banana in there.

Side note:  HOW COOL ARE MY STUDENTS?!  Looks like a Chef's toque to me!

A few hours and a couple of classes later, it was time for lunch, a.k.a. the biggest salad I've ever made and taken to school.  No lie:  It took me like thirty minutes to eat this.

More work, more classes, and one more snack before heading for home.

And one eye snack from my BFF.  I may or may not have licked the screen.

So back to training.  Honestly, it's not for a lack of motivation nation.  I'll figure it out soon, but continuing to kick my own arse is going to be the freaking key.  Every day I get up and train, I feel better and better in the long-term.  I feel like I'm getting myself back from wherever I was, but it's taking a while.  Endurance things are hard, and I can do hard things!:)

I'm already looking forward to next year's races, including another marathon.  I haven't decided which just yet, but I'm pretty sure it'll be in Wisconsin (CHEEEEEEEEEESE!)

Until then, I'll train, and giggle at things at which runners giggle.

And...a friend sent me this the other day.<3

And another friend sent me this one.:)

Go get your Tuesday on!

How far ahead do you plan for races and athletic events?

How many times do you eat in a day?
-I usually eat four or five meals.

Wanna come spin with me someday?  I'm nice and all about good convo, really!:)


  1. PARACHUTE DAY. I have to show you my Trex Tries book. He can't do parachute day. It is heartbreaking. Pinning the spinning workout!

  2. Everyone's training is of course different but unless one is trying to qualify for Boston or the Olympics, I will never understand why people get so down on themselves about their workouts.

    1. Mine has more to do with pushing myself to my own limits. When I'm not feeling that push, or not reaching my goal, it's a little daunting. No matter if you're a professional or elite athlete (though neither one of those actually have anything to do with running Boston) or Joe Schmoe, you can still feel "less than your best".

  3. OMG that marathon definition is so.funny. And so true ! I trained 6 months for my first marathon and loved every second of it. I have had over 2 months off and am just getting my motivation back to start training for my second, and probably last, marathon. Because of what that definition says. LOL.

    I eat 3 meals + one snack. Sometimes 2 snacks.

    1. SAME! I actually L-O-V-E marathon training. It's tough, but I feel so much more organized.<3

  4. Sometimes I get in a rut when it comes to running. I know I've been frustrated with my progress for quite some time, but now I feel like I'm in a pretty good place. It always seems to ebb and flow. I think Daft Punk cures all ills! Hope you're feeling better about things!

    1. Ebb and flow, indeed! I feel like I've trained so hard, that my body's like "So...we're taking a break now, riiiiiiiiiiiight?"!:)

  5. Love that scale of 1-10! I've had more than my share of ass o'clock lately. Aww I love that parachute! So fun!

    1. We need to meet up soon so we can run together, then get something awesome to celebrate being so freakin' cool.

  6. Good for you for a solo spin ride! I'm not that motivated and always need a class and a teacher for my spin workouts. I've only run one marathon, but the training was hard for me. Mostly a time issue. I know I'll run another though!

    1. True story: I took a month off from running after my first marathon. I wanted nothing to do with it. I've run two marathons since then.;)


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