Monday, June 13, 2016

*Exclamation Point*

Hey!  Welcome to this installment of #MIMM!  We're going over some marvelousness throughout this post, so strap yourselves in for some fun!

Okay, it's mostly pictures of food.  You can leave if you want.  Or comment and tell me that we can still be friends.

Here's where I left you on Saturday morning.  I mean, 76*F isn't hot -- it's warm, but the humidity and air quality were (EWWWWWWWWWWWWW) status.

It was a short run, but good running tunes were necessary to get through it.

As was plenty of the good stuff (psssssssst...water...)


AND ---------- the splashpad at the park near my house was on.  Not only was it on, but it was spewing out ice-cold water.  I may have done a little dance in it.

And here's proof:

I got home and was ready to work on my new goal of demolishing all of the produce in the house. I have yet to give it a clever hashtag label...something like #TeamNoWaste, or #GoalEatAllTheProduce.  I'll figure out something that isn't lame.  No promises, though.

SO YEAH.  I get to the fridge to make breaky, and notice that my tomatoes have an exclamation point at the end.  Is there anything better than EXCITED FOOD?!

Yes, there is.  But I just thought this was cute.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand yummy.

I finished up breaky then head off to my new gig -------> teaching group exercise at SUZ's gym!  She hooked me up with teaching Kickboxing (it's making a comeback!), Abs & Core, and Yoga.  It's pretty awesome -- I get more endorphines, meet new people, make a little $, and see Suz, every week.<3

I was proud of myself for remembering to bring a snack with me for after two hours of work.

After a nap (OH it was AWESOME!), I had a quick lunch (are you getting bored of #ProduceFest2016 [nah, lame] yet?) of some leftover tortellini (I don't even know how it's possible to HAVE leftover tortellini), turkey meatballs and broc broc broc.

We were off to pick up Sophs, who was all domination nation during a demonstration for her Karate gym.  It was at a block fair, and about 95*F out.  Needless to say, we didn't' stay long.  Soph had been out there for a couple of hours (not in her gi the whole time, but still).

We got home and had some dinner (sushi -- it was ugly, so I spared you the picture), then I took off for Solemate Steph's bachelorette party @ The Second City!  This is my most FAVORITE place in the whole wide World!  I'll take you there if you ever come to Chicago.:)  Most of the girls had been out on a boat all day (see the heat above), and went to dinner before coming here, and they still looked great!  I'd be a hot mess after all of that, for sure.:P

Cut to Sunday morning.  Sweet, sweet Sunday morning.

My breaky was apparently happy to see me.

Sophs slept in (LAAAAAAAAAAAATE), and we were heading off for Downtown soon after lunch.

My big salad.  Exclamation point.

NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE DORKINESS OF THIS NINE YEAR-OLD.  She'll never change, and I'm totally okay with that.

And here's what WE got to do!  Harry wasn't invited -- sorry, Kid.

UM.  Go see this if you ever get the chance.  It was AWESOME!

I have been going to musicals, ballets, plays, operas, etc. since I was a child.  I have news for you:  THIS WAS THE BEST ENDING I HAVE EVER WITNESSED.  EVER.

After taking Sophs to her grandparents, Harry and I knew what had to happen:  A good burger, a beer, and the Tony's.

A pretty marvelous weekend, huh?:)
Most MARVELOUS part of your weekend?!


  1. I went to a "surprise" birthday party for my cousin's wife. I was lots of fun with family and food. I think I've asked you this but which weather app do you use shown above? I LOVE musicals! Let me know if you are interested in seeing one this summer.

  2. So basically an amazing weekend, to end all weekends! I totally want to see the Spongebob Musical after you glowing review. And thank you for sticking in there on Saturday! Freaking SuzFlood2016


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