Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Procrastination Nation

Tuesday mornings = my short run for the week.

Tuesday mornings are also usually for hair washing.  And thus, the procrastination begins.  So do the (albeit, grodey) thoughts regarding the true power of dry shampoo.  I wasn't in the mood to wash my hair.  I still did, but hated every minute of it, especially what I'll consider my second workout.  

I have really thick, longish hair.

Another *self care* challenge that I procrastinate with is using lotion regularly.  When Solemate Steph and I went to get our nails done last Friday, the manicurist pointed out how dry my hands were (I didn't take offense -- I know what I've done).  Steph asked why I don't lotion, and I was honest:  I do not like it!  I don't like the feel of slimy, wet stuff sticking to me and my clothes for any period of time.  Especially when I'm hot.  Especially when I get out of the shower, and I'm hot.  Especially when I get out of the shower, I'm hot, and my hair is wet.  EW EW EW EW EW.

Every once in a while, I'll run down to the Counselor's office, where she has a mad stash of TJ's lotion.  More procrastination ----> It's taken me all school year to even think about keeping a bottle of this stuff on my desk.  Maybe come August...;)

Instead of instructing 20 First Graders and 30 Second Graders to play several parachute games (we did play a few), we went "Camping".

I got home yesterday afternoon, plopped myself down on the couch, blogged and watched PLLs.

You wanna know what I did right BEFORE that?  A genius thought came into my head.  No, really, but it was pretty important and made me feel like a rock star.

I started a new note when I was walking from the Jeep to the house.  I had so many ideas flying through my head, a way to organize my summer (I'm a Teacher -- I get summer "off";), books to read, etc.  So I get some points for being proactive, right?  Like, three?

Whether it's with training or my life, I feel like I'm the Master Procrastinator.  And honestly?  It's probably the only thing I've ever been consistent with in my whole life.  Putting things off to the last minute, the last banana, the last pair of clean socks, etc.

What am I on about?  Well, PROCRASTINATION is Deb's Wednesday Word.

Deb Runs

Could this WW could have caught me on a bad day?  Nah.  Like I said, I've always been pretty good at waiting to the last minute and putting things off.


I have learned to recognize signs that I'm slipping on tasks and agendas.  In other words, I've gotten better at putting in less effort and focus over a longer period of time, rather than the forever stressful MORE effort and focus in a very short amount of time.  Obvs, I still have a very long way to go, but if you're nodding your head while reading this, then

I have some tips that have helped me stay more on track with life things:

  • If you're working on a large project, break it down into smaller mini-projects.  You'll feel more accomplished and ready to check off the next thing.  This project could be anything from a work task, to house work.  We even see this style of accomplishing large goals everywhere, even marathon training.;)
  • Get organized --------> isn't this the key to just about anything?  Packing your gym bag the night before, meal prep, or putting your backpack next to the front door can help more than you'll ever realize.  Write down a plan of action, write down your goal, put post-it notes on things if you have to, use spreadsheets.  Whatever you need to do to put down a plan in front of yoursel
  • Don't over complicate it.  I am so guilty of not practicing this one, and I eventually come around to it, but it takes a while.  So I am working on it.:)  When you have a goal in front of you, you can either go from A to G to E to F to S to X to B if you want; or you could just take the A to B path.  Think about many times have you gone "Yes, but..." to anything?  You're making it too complicated, and therefore postponing it (ding ding ding...procrastinating).  Find the easiest route, rather than thinking about taking every detour to get it done.  
  • Tell others about your plan!  Turns out, if you tell people what you're up to, they'll be your cheerleader.  You'll have a socially built-in reminder that you're doing something, working toward a goal, or have something to take care of if you tell your friends or co-workers.  This has helped me on several occasions!  Side note:  Don't tell people that are going to be Negative Nancys...that's seriously sometimes the worst.  Be choosy on who you tell; don't be afraid to ask for encouragement if you think you need it.
And the best tip of all

  • DO IT NOW.  If you're anything like me, you're seriously tempted (and completely fall for) plopping down right in front of the couch and watching "Pretty Little Liars" when you get home (no?  ...okay, suuuuuure).  Ditch the couch if you have chores to take care of; don't even sit, because you know as well as I do that you'll just stay there.  Put your stuff away from the day, get to work, then you can totally relax.  Because let's face it:  Whether it's your workout, your laundry, the dishes, or paying bills, you KNOW that you feel better once its done.  So you might as well

  • I sure hope that some of these are helpful to you, and I hope you have a most wonderful Wednesday!  We're in the middle of the week...time to rock it out, y'all!:)
    Are you a master procrastinator?  If NOT, please feel free to leave us some of your own tips!  We ALL need your help!

    What are some things you procrastinate about in your life, work, training, whatever...?

    We're already at the proverbial hump of the week!  Do you have big plans (RACES?) coming   up?  PLEASE SHARE SO I CAN CHEER FOR YOU!:D


    1. I am a master procrastinator in most things. I keep saying I'm going to clean out my closet and I really need to! Not with running, tho.

      I like the new look of the blog!

      1. Wanna set a date for us both to clean out our closets? We can be each others' motivation, then send pics of before and after.<3

    2. I have short hair but I have to blow-dry it and I hate the whole process. I will procrastinate that on the weekends, even after my long run.

      1. I think the weekend makes it worse, right? Unless you have somewhere to be, you ain't doing nothin' about that hair.

    3. In my TRex trying book, he can't do parachute day. It is so sad.
      I procrastinate on washing in general :D And getting my hair cut. Love the blog's new look! PS I won't be at the gym on Saturday, but I am leaving you a little present in my office (get Rick or Dan to let you in).

      1. I mean, boo to you not being there, but I GET A SESSY (that's Greathouse-ese for "surprise)?!:)

    4. Great tips!!

      It is so awesome to read about so many other I don't fell so bad!

      Enjoy your summer...have fun and don't procrastinate to have fun!!

      1. I may or may not have written this post for that very reason, to not feel alone.:P


    5. Don't even get me started on showering and washing my hair, which is why I've just let it go and often only wash it once, maybe twice a week. Although I do have to wash it after swimming, otherwise I smell like chlorine and that's definitely not pleasant.

      I've never even tried dry shampoo!

      1. #Truth. I think I became a triathlete just to add some consistency to hair-washing. That's kiiiiiiiiiiiinda sad.

    6. You say it all with these two sentences "... you KNOW that you feel better once its done. So you might as well"

      Not only do I have thick hair, but it's wavy, curly, and frizzy. After washing it and taking forever to get all of the shampoo out, I have to blow dry it and then flat iron it. Blow drying takes about seven minutes and flat ironing takes about twenty minutes. Needless to say I usually pull it into a wet ponytail and call it a day!

      Thanks for linking up!

    7. I'm definitely a Type A planner, list maker extraordinaire. But I still procrastinate things. It's usually little things like taking a shower after a workout, doing the dishes, etc. I kind of flip flop, though. Some days I'm like a tornado going through the house and getting it all done. Other days, I veg and put off all of my chores. Highs and lows.

    8. The goods tips! I actually like to read your posts... Certainly, you have a great time for a day off.


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