Saturday, June 11, 2016

A New Goal, and Before & After

I took yesterday off from work.  I know how that must look -- a teacher taking the day off eight school days before the year is donesies?  Yeah.  But believe was necessary!

Right off the bat:  I made a new goal.  See?  I was already being efficient at something.  Necessary!

NEW GOAL = DO NOT WASTE ANY PRODUCE.  I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I'll eat past the point of full just to not waste fresh yumminess.  What I will do is probably eat more veggies and fruits throughout the day to ensure it doesn't go bad.  That's a good idea, yaya?

So really, it all started with this delicious banana.  Thanks for the idea, Mr. Banana.   RIP.

I was soon off to meet up with Solemate Steph so we could do something about my horrible hands and feet.  Her bachelorette party is today, so we needed to do something nice for the big day before the BIG day.

Also?  It was going to be 90*F-something, so for the first time in forever, I wore a dress.  We grabbed some coffee and walked around the neighborhood for a while, about two miles, just talking about hers and Fearless Leader Greg's wedding and other life stuff.

TIME TO HIT UP THE COSTCO!  God bless America!<3  We were SO out of food -- I'll show you in a minute.

I was kind of hungry when I got to the store, so I had a Grilled Cesar salad.  I poured about a third of the dressing onto the salad (it was a huge container), and about half of the croutons, then threw the rest of the containers away.

$4.44 for a huge salad.  Not shabs.

I've been listening to the Podcasts from my Church in San Antonio a LOT lately.  Max Lucado was my Pastor there (I NEVER knew he was such a big deal until I moved!), and I can never get enough of his words.  I'll listen to any of the Church's podcasts; even Christmas ones near the middle of summer.

Cut to this podcast.  I was bawling in the middle of Costco.:\

THIS looked SERIOUSLY interesting!  Has anyone tried it?!

I don't know why, but I didn't grab boxes.  And seriously...$150 worth of stuff at Costco is A..................LOT.

Side note:  I listen to music or podcasts while wearing ONE earbud in my ear.  Obvs this picture doesn't show my left ear, so I didn't want you thinking that I drive around with earbuds in my ears.  That's not safe.

As some of you know, I live in Chicago, in a three-flat, with street parking.  I'm lucky if I am able to park on my block, let alone my street.  I didn't know how I was going to transport all of the glorious food from the Jeep to the third floor apartment, but it was going to be a challenge, for sure.


There was a PRIMETIME parking spot, RIGHT in front of my building!  MY FACE WHEN I FINISHED PARKING =

You can even see the reflection of my apartment in my glasses, haha.

And now?!  The before & after!

We will never ever run out of beer.  Sad, sad refrigerator.

OH MAN.   That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I think that I felt like I hurt my lunch crouton's feelings by throwing away half of them, so I nabbed a huge bag of them to make up for it.  They'll go in salad or soup, can be awesome for stuffing, eating when I'm bored, etc.  And yup -- that's how I justified that purchase to Harry.

It was about four o'clock by the time I got home.  The rest of the day, up until Harry got home, consisted of visiting with my Bestie Tommie Jo, and cleaning a bit around the house.  Pizza was on the dinner plan for the evening, so the Great Produce Massacre of 2016 will begin today.

Sophs is coming this afternoon and I'm going to Steph's bach-lette party this evening, so it should be an interesting day.

And as I post this ----------- Air quality alert, and almost 80*F already.  Hey, summer!:)

How do you avoid wasting fresh food in your house?

Do you run or train outside when the air is < good quality?
-I have in the past, but I'm definitely moving my long run to tomorrow this time.

When was your last day off?  Was it full of relaxing things, busy things, or a mixture of both?
-See above.:D


  1. TWINKLE TOESSSSS such a great place. You know food doesn't go to waste in my house. I seriously refuse to throw things out. ALEX YOU WILL EAT THAT MOLDY BREAD

  2. Don't feel guilty about taking a day off. I agree, it is NECESSARY. So do you like the Mango Quinoa Salad? Oh, and I love it too when I get a spot in front of my house. :-)

  3. I have a day off during the week and let me tell you it is the BEST. Trying to get things done on the weekend (like grocery shopping) is horrible. I don't go to Costco--I think I need to, tho--but I can only imagine how bad it is on a Saturday!

    Cute dress!


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