Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry


So this week has been absolutely bananas.  I hate to tell you this, but you'll have to read further if you wanna know why (I know you care so hard!).  Thankfully, it's in a fun format that is just as random as the thoughts in my head...


Thanks to our beautiful hostess, AMANDA!

1.  But first, in other news (yeah, I'm starting it off like that), I got to meet this VERY IMPORTANT LADY last week!  A seriously awesome moment for me!

2.  And here's some bad -- The clutch went out on my Jeep on Saturday.  The silver lining to this is that we were at a train station to pick up Sophia.  There was no point in taking Obi (I totally named my Jeep that) to a garage with a perfectly fine mode of transportation right there.

It's still in the shop, by the way.  I have amazing friends that have taken me to and from work this week.  Grateful.:)

3.  MORE BAD?  I mean, guys, I loved Full House SO much as a kid.  I'm not sure I'm loving Fuller House...

4.  Have you ever tried these?!


You will need them every day for the rest of your life if you do.

5.  Some really good!  I watch "The Secret" about once a year to keep myself in check.  Do you have any movies that keep you motivated/grateful/loving life?

6.  Am I still a runner?  I'm on week two of not hitting the hard stuff, and while I've kept it at bay by cross-training (spin bike, swimming, elliptical, etc.), I haven't been able to do those things since Obi has been in the shop.  None the less, I'm getting some Yoga into my days.

7.  It was 18*F yesterday morning, so I could think of nothing else but soup for lunch.  Soup and some vitamin C.

8.   And by the time I got home, Nutella and banana sounded superb. am I still hungry even if I'm not burning extra calories?

9.  AND THEN?  I ordered pizza before Harry got home.  Can you tell which "half" is mine?

10.  I'm just going to leave this here.  It's over by 45 minutes for me, but the message is still strong.

Do you hop into bed pretty early?
-9:00pm usually for me, if not before...

Tell me one of your favorite afternoon snacks!

Are you watching "Fuller House"?    .................well?


  1. Of course I go to bed early. I"m old you know...

    Last week the "girls" at work asked me to go out with them. I was flattered and tempted until they told me they were meeting at 11 o'clock. PM. Yeah, no...

  2. Eheheh! I consider myself pretty badass whenever I manage to make it to 10:30... which is crazy considering that used to be the time I was going out. And I haven't seen Fuller House. I'm scared. I don't want to ruin the perfect memories I have of it lol.

    1. SAME!

      Re: Fuller House -- other people seem to be in love with it. SO maybe I'm the weird one.

  3. I'm asleep on the couch by 9:15. 9:30 if I'm really partying. I have sampled those Bark Thins before, and I know better than to buy them, lol. Does this mean you need to move up the timeline on getting a new car? Poor Obi...

    1. A new RAV4 is on the horizon! And yeah, I feel like I've done myself an injustice, being so clingy to my Jeep. Future post...?

  4. I love that snacking chocolate! :) And that's sad that your jeep's clutch went out, but I'm thankful that you have such kind friends!

  5. Ugh sorry to hear about your clutch going out. I know that is not exactly a cheap fix so hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm not a fan of Fuller house either...

  6. Your half of the pizza sounds like what I order on mine!! Ha ha ha. I am a total night owl, always have been, but that quote still makes me laugh because now with the kids a big night is watching a tv show and working on the blog. #igohard And so sorry about your jeep! I hope it doesn't cost you a fortune. :(

    1. I used to be a night owl! In fact, I had very disordered sleeping that kept me up most nights until 3 or sucked, but at least I had a social life.:D


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