Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Jeep is fixed, a yummy Friday, and Patience, Grasshopper (hip update!)

So yeah, after the clutch went out on my Jeep, and my wonderful friends took me to and from work (so happy that I have close people near and in my 'hood!), I FINALLY got Obi back on Thursday evening.  I had some downtime, so I hit up Starbucks for dinner.

Yup.  Dinner.

AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!  If you're ever in a pinch for a meal, I suggest this one.

Then, since I was in the area, I hit up one of Sophia's karate classes.  They work on throws and rolls on Thursday nights, and even though she gets clobbered for the majority of the time, this is her favorite class.:)

I adore her running form.

I finally got in a good sweat on Friday morning with my cardio bunny buddy.

I was SO HAPPY to rock out some endorphins, and ready to rock my Friday at school.

NUUN Active tablet, TJ's Organic Strawberry Toaster Pastries, and a 'nanner for breaky...way to start off a Friday, Tiff!

One prep period, two classes and some student drama later, and it was luuuuuuuunchtime.  TJ's Chicken Noodle Soup, an organic Gala apple, and a NUUN Energy tablet (post-lunch is my Kindergarten class ---------> I NEED THE ENERGY!) for the win.

We're three-ish days away from finding out if we got lucky in the NYC Marathon lottery!  Did you enter?

Three more classes, more drama (being a teenager is tough), and I was on my way home.  A little meal before a power nap was just what I needed.

What...?  You don't put chips on your sammich?  What a weirdo.:D

DINNER ----------> Harry and I picked up Fearless Leader Greg and Solemate Steph for a double date!  We hit up a Thai restaurant for some deliciousness.

And then we were off to the theater!  We watched a series of short plays at the Profiles Theater, all superb and thought-provoking.  Plus, we had a friend in the play.  We felt special.

Awkward photo time.  Greg's there...see?

A solid way to end the workweek, for sure.:)
In other news, my house is spotless.

So, I noticed on Thursday morning while chatting with work husband that my hip was feeling a lot better.  Like, it isn't clicking that much anymore, and I can bounce around and it doesn't hurt.

In other words



I took an oath.  A promise to myself.  Three weeks to heal (there's no real reason why I chose three weeks, other than I was three weeks away from an 8K when I decided to take this rest).  One more week will not hurt.  In fact, it'ls probably going to help.  I just have to focus on that.

I'm dealing with the urge by:
1.)  Creating new playlists.
2.)  Watching some of my favorite race courses (see above).
3.)  Going over some details of upcoming races and events.
4.)  Getting my house and life more organized (or as some people might call it,"Spring cleaning" after having a ton of extra time).

I'll be back in some beautiful new Brooks running shoes before I know it.  The process is worth it.:)

What do you have going on this weekend?!

How do you stay motivated when you're having to take time away from something?

Do you have any races or events coming up soon?


  1. Why is it so hard to be smart about injuries? I know I'm terrible about taking enough time when I get injured. Hope the hip continues to improve!

    I have my first half of the year coming up at the end of March. The first race after the off season is always interesting to see where I'm at.

  2. Glad you didn't succumb to the need to run! I'm going for a ride today. My foot is not happy. Damn PF. My coach has given me the options of long bike rides every 3 weeks and today is the day. Next run is Tuesday. Hopefully the extra day rest will let it calm down.


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