Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My Husband Delivered & Five Ways to Be Gracious

YES!  Hump Day is here!

I know.  I sound too enthusiastic.

In reality, I'm more like

But I digress.

Yesterday was full of yummy things!  Again, I inhaled my breaky (organic oatmeal + pb and banana), but here's what a friend of mine gave me yesterday.  IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I'VE EVER PUT IN MY FACE.  All to celebrate the birth of his new baby girl.:)

Lunch was some Tex-Mex inspired fare.

And this is what happens when I forget to take a snack with me for after school.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside yesterday (65-70*F!), SO naturally there was a ton of traffic. (?)  It took me an hour to get home, and by then, I was done.  I needed food.

And apparently I needed *girl time* stuff...?

He really delivered.:)

Some snuggle time before bed...

And after receiving my rejection e-mail from the New York lottery (I DELETED IT IN A RAGE! but not really:P), we figured out the rest of our race year.  Lots of RnR races, of course.:)

Deb Runs

Gracious -----------> courteous, kind, patient.

As runners and fitness enthusiasts, I want to believe that most of us have attitudes that are a touch more positive.  Perhaps we smile more.  Most of us have some silly snark about us that brings a nicer tone to this great big World.

I like to think that most of us are goal-oriented, if not solely within our discipline, in our attitudes and spirits.

This *Wednesday Word* came at a good time for me.  I have been trying to work on my graciousness as of late.  I think that I've been under a ton of stress, and the first thing I need to do is bring myself back down to this World and treat others with patience and kindness.  After praying on it often and smiling more (this resets my "GRRRRR" button!), I came up with the following things to focus on regarding graciousness:

1.  Rewire your thinking --------->  Reset your intentions with others.  Smile more, thank often (SAY "SORRY" LESS!), LISTEN without thinking about a reply or a rebuttal.  Consider someone's intentions when they're approaching you; also consider how their day may have been up to this point.

2.  Show kindness in small doses ---------> The SMALLEST thing can make someone's day!  Courteously opening the door for someone, helping someone reach something, offer someone a compliment (try to make it personal ["that color in your blouse looks amazing on you!"]).  I know it sounds insignificant or like a trick, but it'll make you feel kinda good, and the person with which you interacted.  You never know the impact you'll have on someone, so you might as well make it frickin' awesome.

3.  HIT THE BRAKES ---------> PAUSE when you get angry or upset.  I know for me, sometimes my brain immediately goes to the absolute worst situation in the entire World, over NOTHING.  (This is one of the many things I'm working on regarding my grace.:)  Take a breath and listen to the whole story.  It's way more than likely that it's something totally fixable.  This pause you take will help you re-evaluate, and chose the correct path that will be way more productive.  And more than likely, gracious.

4.  Be grateful ---------> Everything awesome in this World begins with gratefulness.  You cannot and will not be gracious if you are not thankful.  Just like being kind to others, consider your gratefulness in small doses.  Start being thankful for every single little thing.  A cup of coffee (ohhhhhhhhh boy, thank you!), light traffic, someone bringing you something at work, remembering something, running water, RUNNING, the ability to, your family, your friends, "thank you, thank you, thank you" until the cows come home.  When you appreciate more, you're happier with the things you have.  When you're happier, your grace will SHINE.

5.  Smile ---------> YOU GOT IT.:):):):)

Simply put

Go out there and rock Wednesday!  Word?;)
Tell me one tip you have for being kind!  Please.:)


  1. Hit the brakes! Love it! Sometimes I can't believe how mean people can be. Working on not reacting to attacks is an ongoing goal of mine. Some days I can do it better than others. It all depends on how much sleep I got the night before...

    1. I admit, I have let my mouth fly off without me before. But I am getting better at this particular aspect.

  2. I rarely send my husband to the grocery store because much drama usually ensues and I rarely get what I want (hello, you have a CELL PHONE! Call & ask). So high five to your hubby!

    So sorry about the lottery, but love the meme.

    And great thoughts on being gracious!

    1. Yeah, Harry usually falls for all of the sales and ends up getting things we don't need! I understand.:P

  3. Smile!!!

    Yup that is me. My co-workers always say to are always smiling....;) yup, why not!!!

    Oh and i LOVE those AMy burritos!!!


  4. Don't just hit the breaks, freaking stomp on them. And then put it in park. FOR REALS.
    PS, why on earth is Frozen on popchips? They should be on Cooler Ranch doritos.

    1. I wondered about the Popchiops, as well! I even looked at the expiration dates, just to be sure...that they weren't from years ago... eep.

  5. Such good tips on being more gracious - things that we can all practice, and make the world a better place by practicing.

    Thanks for linking up!


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