Monday, March 14, 2016

I need a bigger car, and I guess I still know what I'm doing.


I ran Friday morning, Saturday, and Sunday morning.:):):):):):)  I went by time and effort, rather than staring at my Garmin.  It's more important to me to not worry about pace while easing back into this whole thing that I <3 so hard.

Harry and I ran in the Leprechaun Leap 8K Saturday morning.  It was gorgeous out, perfect for race day, for sure.  Obviously I didn't go out too hard, but I did have Happy Feet.  So basically it was a little speedy.

After grabbing some breaky and washing up, we picked up Sophs and her sweet friend, Grace.  And then?  We took the monsters to Dave & Busters.

Two and a half hours later ----------->

AND 20, 000+ TICKETS LATER ------------------------->  Plain and simple, I need a bigger car.  My lifestyle (though I don't have two children full-time EVER) has changed drastically since I purchased my Jeep in 2005.  It was completely packed, even the front seat, with the girls' winnings and overnight bags.  I'm not even joshin' when I say that I felt claustrophobic.

Sophs did get something for me, though.:)  She knows that I kind of have a thing for Huskies.

Sunday morning = Daylight Savings!  I didn't even care about losing an hour of sleep; I was up for a run at what would *normally* be 5:30am.

Harry took the girls out for breakfast, while I chilled and showered and whatnot.  I was thankful for some downtime.:)

LUNCH was served at Jason's Deli!  I went kind of nuts on the salad bar.

And the girls enjoyed their pasta, sauce on the side...?  I don't get it.  Sophs has always ordered her pasta that way, but when Grace did, I realized that it was a "thing".  *le shrug*

And you knew this was coming, right?

After we dropped off the girls (AND THE UNICORNS), Harry and I hit up the gym.  I actually felt like pushing the iron, and I quickly came up with a chest/shoulders/legs workout while doing a five-minute warm-up on the rowing machine.

And I had some awesome tunes to accompany the workout.

I'm happy that I still know what I'm doing in the weight room.  "SS" = Superset.  I don't like standing around and resting for two minutes between sets.

When Harry and I got home, there was a package waiting for me.  I can't wait to try it out!

While I had an amazing amount of food, I was starving around 5:30pm.  Leftover pizza for dinner = recovery noms of champs.  Admittedly, I had more squares of pizza than I thought I'd originally want.:\

ALAS, today is a new day!  I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Did you race or have a fun event to attend this past weekend?  SPILL.

Are you hungrier in the morning or afternoon?

Do you have a Spiralizer?  How do you like it?


  1. I can't even with that car picture! Looks like the girls scored big!

  2. HEHE, I love that meme at the end. Isn't it incredible that God gave our bodies the ability to metabolize and process food?

    Is that a unicorn????

  4. I think I'm the last being on earth with no spiralizer. Ooooh D&B. It's the little-more-grown-up Chuckie Cheese. You're a good sport!

  5. Oh my! That is a full car for sure! Looks like a fun time!


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