Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Training and Lots of Rest

Hey, gang!  Welcome to this week's edition of #MIMM and my training summary.  I had a lot going on this weekend, so go on an take a gander.;)  Thanks to our gorgeous hostess, Katie!

Last Friday was a furlough day for Chicago Public Schools Teachers.  I scrubbed my house from top to bottom, did ALL of the laundry, and somehow watched seven movies, including one of my absolute faves.  I even ran in the early afternoon.  What a day.

I also had time to figure out something:  Let me show you my new favorite meal (I'm seriously considering having it for dinner [as I type this Sunday evening] -----> TJ's Minestrone soup with a piece of toast and avocado.

I had time to peruse the 'ole Instagram feed, in which I'm seriously behind.

Obvs I had a ton of downtime, and the next day was pretty productive, too.

Saturday morning brought the long run.  I showered up and head over to lead my second life as a porcupine while Harry went to his nephew's birthday party.

We're lucky to have Kingston Reflexology in our 'hood; I love walking/commuting over driving here lately.


Lookit -- I'm a unicorn.

Julia, my Acupuncturist, has been working on my hips, shoulders, and back for the past couple of sessions.  When probing my hips//flexors, they felt like bricks last week.:\  I have a lot of work to do from head to toe, and this is definitely a treatment in the right direction.

She also placed some needles on my calves, feet, and ankles, to combo with other points.

Julia informed me that there are over 30  on the ear.  She placed some needles for my hypothyroidism and overall health.

I got home and got to hang out by myself for a little while longer.  Harry eventually got home from his nephew's third birthday party, in which the name was Paw Patrol.  He handed me this, and I pretty much demolished it over the rest of the day.

And yeah, it being Saturday evening, we ordered out like total winners.

Sunday morning was all about running errands, then going out for a late morning run.  I wore shorts and a wick'ing tee and still got hot...?!

More rest (can you believe that?).  I thought I'd show you something pretty from my home state of Texas.  The Bluebonnets are out in full force this time of year.  I miss them a little.  But I can't be sad when I'm super thankful to have friends who post beautiful pictures of them!

THIS WEEK in training brought me some solitude and structure.  Finally, a solid training week (at least for running; strength, Yoga, and cycling will jump back into the mix this week).

I had a first in a really long time on Monday --------> I ran after I got home from work.  BANANAS.  I guess I was done waiting, and I seriously couldn't wait until Tuesday morning (usually my first run of the week).

Tuesday morning - another easy threesie.  I have to keep my runs easy and light while building mileage back up; I also need to make sure that I roll away the yucky spots.  Thanks, Worm.:)

My longest run in quite some time.  I felt pretty good for being overdressed (I really didn't need long sleeves on this day!).

Also, ew @ the schmutz on my Garmin screen.

Sunday was all about recovery.  Another easy three, frolicking among all of the people out and about enjoying the day and taking Easter pictures in the park.

21.something miles for the week, and it's been a month since that has happened.  Before that, my last (equally as inconsistent in duration) 20+ miles training week was in late October.  I'm very pleased at the comeback (*don't call it a...!*) and know that I can safely build up my mileage from here.

Enough about me already!  --------- HOW ARE YOU?!

Have you ever had acupuncture?  How did you like it?

Tell me ONE of your FAVORITE movies (perhaps one you like to watch on a day off).


  1. I did acupuncture some years ago with my gynecologist some years ago in Brazil. I wish I could do it more times. It felt great even though I'm normally afraid of needles.
    Since I don't know have professional with medical background here in Belgium, I may be opting for a massage therapist soon. My body is craving for some extra love.

    1. Get all the love. Some of the best massages I've ever had were in Europe (Germany...;)

  2. Loving the cake in the dog bowl! my son is in love with Paw Patrol, so he would love that party.

  3. I like how on your off day from school you did all the things. I usually just sit on my biscuit. I hope you ate the cake like a dog--no hands.

  4. Acupuncture looks so painful. I'm thankful that God gave us different ways to take care of our bodies. :) You are brave for doing acupuncture.

  5. Love the recap. Getting back into running has left me so sore and needing the worm again :)

  6. Seven movies! I can't imagine. And you still got all that stuff done? You must have gotten up early! I have not had acupuncture. I'm not sure I could watch!

    1. Like 6:00am; it's weird how my "sleep in" time is earlier than my friends' "wake up" "time.


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