Friday, October 23, 2015

Optimism - KEEP LOOKING UP - & Friday Faves

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I have had some period of reflection as of late, and I can't think of the last time that I felt like true sunshine.  Friends and family will tell me that I'm so happy, and that I'm optimistic and can see the silver lining.  While that IS true on the outside, it seems to take more time to see that silver lining, perhaps since I've moved to Chicago.  My default used to be optimism; it seems like it takes me a bit longer lately to get there.

Here's where there IS a bit of sunshine, though!  I'm not sure when or how the shift to pessimism, but I'm happy that I've figured out that this is what has been missing from my World.  Realizations are a tricky thing -- They require some work; just knowing what's up isn't enough.  I've started documenting what's been going wrong, and have found some internal insight to construct a list of things to work on.

Symptoms of my fading optimism:

-Complaining too much
-Additionally, providing no real solutions
-Blaming others for things they can't possibly know they're doing wrong
-Missing the point of a story or detail and going right to criticism
-FAST judgement --- WHAT?
-Allowing negative thoughts to stay in my brain, sometimes until my head hits the pillow

How I plan to get my optimism back:

-STOP COMPLAINING -- There's no good reason for it!
-BE GRATEFUL -- This will take care of 90% of the challenges I'm facing!  It can start with the simplest of tasks, such as getting a cup of coffee.  
-THINK before I speak -- I get nervous sometimes and just blurt out whatever's on my brain.  I know this is the second thing I need to work on.
-Take better care of myself, stay on top of work and other tasks (at home, for instance) -- I'm the best at procrastination when I'm down n' out; if I stay on top of things, I can better avoid this challenge.
-Looking forward to change -- I have mentioned before about how change makes me nervous.  I'm excited for how my life and outlook are going to ROCK in no time!
-CHOOSING JOY.  When all else fails, I have JOY on my side, and I'm convinced that that's the only reason why I'm typing this right now.

In the wisest words I've ever heard, and got to hear them every single day, from someone whom I still adore, the late, great Kidd Kraddick ----------->

Now that that's behind us, let's move on to HAPPY FAVORITE THINGS!

THIS HAT was in a lovely box sitting on my doorstep the other day.  The North Face Locals had sent out a request for a photo from our most adventurous trips a couple of months ago.  The scene was winner winner, chicken dinner, and it's apparent why they won!

What a gorgeous shot.  It's officially my new favorite hat.  Of all time.  #NeverStopExploring

My favorite way to cut carbs.

Oatmeal.  I <3 <3 <3 oatmeal.  1/2 cup oats + 3/4 cup cashew milk + organic PB + organic banana = the breakfast of my life.  I used to eat this more than once a day, and somehow got out of the habit of eating it altogether.  Well, guess what, oats?  I'm BACK to nom on you!

Me, scraping my bowl clean like a four year-old.

Track night.  Even though it was kind of warm and muggy Wednesday night, I missed the crew so much and didn't mind it one bit too much.  This picture is almost misleading (and also eerily blurry), though.  It would appear that This Hobbit is running toward me, when he was really running backwards.

Faster than me.

Running forward.


Forever my favorite breed of pup, despite Monday's post with the Corgi.

And the closest second of all time, as well as your *BRAIN HUG* for today, and more than likely for ALL TIME.  You're always welcome to come back and see them again.:D

Happy Friday, and happy weekend, bloggie friends!<3
Tell me some of your faves today!  FAVE PUPPY BREED?!

Favorite breaky?


Favorite workout/training sesh?



  1. My neighbors have 2 malamutes and they are the nicest dogs ever! I love this much personality!

    1. Mals are so cute, and if I understand correctly, a little bigger than Huskies. STILL FUZZY BUTTS! <3

  2. I LOVE Huskies, but I also love a Chocolate Lab. Puppies always help you feel more optimistic :-)

    I often find that I can get myself out of a funk by surrounding myself with positive people. It's hard to feel negative when those around you are smiling!.

    1. Labs are SO LOYAL! And fun to snuggle with; Kayla (my Husky) was more like a cat, and CHOSE when she wanted to snuggle.:P

  3. I am right there with ya needing a new, more optimistic perspective! Your favorites made me smile- loving that Hufky :P

    1. Let's get positive together, friend! Maybe we should start a challenge for November. Lol

  4. I've been giving my teenager a positivity check lately. It's so easy to fall into a pattern of whining and blame, I needed to call her on it. We had a SH growing up. I can't pick a favorite breed, I just CAN'T! Love love love them ALL! I'm a freaking canine pied piper!

  5. Huskies are absolutely the most beautiful dogs on the planet. But my FAVORITE has to be MY puppy, 'cause she's the best.

    Feelin ya on the negativity. My public face is usually so bubbly and positive, but there's deep-seeded pessimism that I just can't seem to shake these days. I'm sure most of it comes from divorce and moving, but I really want to work hard and find my positivity again. It's so tough sometimes, but we can do it!


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