Monday, October 19, 2015

Colors, art, and you NEED this in your life NOW!

My weekend started off with so much color!  On the run...

My new guilty pleasure.  I cannot get enough of running to this.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again ------> Life's too short for matching running socks.

I realized after my run that I had left my jar of peanut butter at school.  DERP.  I knew I wanted oatmeal, and made an executive decision.  YEAH.  I put Nutella in my oatmeal.  AND IT WAS AMAZING.

Showered up and did some chores around the house, then we were off to pick up Sophia for the weekend.  We decided that we were going to eat at Jersey Mike's, which just-so-happens to carry my FAVE chips, Miss Vickie's BBQ chips!

We then hit up Soph's new favorite place on the planet: "The Picasso"

Sophia slid, glided, flopped, bounced, and HEELY'd down the statue, as skateboarders and tourists took a break from it.  I'm seriously shocked that she didn't shimmy down it.

That wasn't enough art for us.  We booked it to the Art Institute for more.

Fact:  My parents got Harry a membership for this spot for his birthday.  You feel very VIP when you have that going for you!

Harry LOVES teaching her about worldly things, and when you're in the second largest museum in the country that houses original Van Gogh and Picasso, you have a ton to talk about.

We head home after getting some hot chocolate and meandering around downtown a bit.  The rest of Sophs visit can be summed up in two words:  IN PJs.  We hung out, watched some TV together, and stayed in PJs until she left yesterday afternoon.  We get to see her again this weekend, so we'll definitely do work on some baking and pumpkin-carving!:)

Harry and I, sporting PJs, enjoyed leftovers dinner (I think we have a streak going where we do this on Sunday evenings; whatever's in the fridge that's leftover is up for grabs) and Amy Schumer's HBO special from Saturday evening.  Quite a risky thing to watch while eating, I'll just say.  We're dare devils!

My leftovers dinner = chicken fried rice, brought to life with siracha sauce.

And speaking of PJs, I know I'm not alone here.


Have you ever put Nutella in/on something less-than-ordinary?  
-I think oatmeal might be the weirdest, but I've totes enjoyed it with some Saltines.  Desperate times happen.

Name some guilty pleasure training/running tunes!

QUICK:  Fave breed of puppy?
-Siberian Husky forever!  Although, that Corgi made my heart smile.

QUICKER:  Name one fruit you'll enjoy today!


  1. Half the pictures aren't showing up for me :( and I have a corgi on my IG to start off the day :D #iwantacorgisobadicantstandit Oh and at the hotel I was at this weekend, they had Let it Go on repeat by accident. I hope they are not trying to invite winter too soon.

  2. Oh, my playlist is full of guilty pleasures. I even have a Nickelback song on there--don't judge....

  3. Haven't tried nutella on oatmeal but that sounds amazing! I love to spread some on Belvita good. I think Nutella would taste good on just about anything!

  4. I've been there with the saltines. It doesn't suck. Oh goodness such a cute puppy! I am all about the apples right now!

  5. Beautiful colors on the trees! I haven't been to the art institute in ages, since they added that new wing (which is probably no longer considered new). I will have to get back there next time I am visiting my parents since I moved last year. Chicken fried rice used to be my most requested meal for my dad to make, plus it was great for making a big batch on the weekend and having for a quick dinner after school.


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