Monday, August 17, 2015

I gotta bail, & this video will rock your life!

I got to hang out with this lady a couple of weeks ago.

We're twinning!

We started talking about all of the important things in life:  Food, running, and more food.  In the process of us going from blogger friends to Besties, Susie helped me realize that, though I had ample time, no injuries, and the right stuff to go into 70.3 training, I just wasn't mentally prepared with things that came up after I had registered.  Simply put:  I tried to take on too much.

I have a huge list of excuses, but I seriously won't go into them.   All I know is that this has been me for the past three months:

So let's face it:  It ain't happening.  And you know what?  That's OKAY!  I do NOT like the fact that I couldn't handle training for something that I was TRULY excited for, and it kind of bums me out that I won't get it done this year.  However, I can't change, and wouldn't even dream of changing, the past few months.  I'm happier knowing that I have some time before my next training cycle.  Happy running and training = Happy Tiff.

Also, shade makes me happy.

And running in sprinklers.

And jumping for #joy!

And hanging out with Chicago kin.

In fact, Harry and I had the pleasure of meeting our newest family member, Laila, last Monday.

Fact:  I have never met a 12-hour old human.

If you guessed it, you're right:  She does smell like pink.:)

And later that evening?  I've never had a Chocolate Cake Shake from Portillo's.  Two firsts in one day = win.

So yeah, that's what I wanted to marvelously share with you on this Monday.  I appreciate you reading, listening, and of course, the positive feedback and support that I get from you.  I love that I can talk to you about anything, blogging Besties.  Enjoy your day, and rock out your week!

Your *BRAIN HUG* for today, and something that will make your heart smile -- I just know it!

Do you have anything marvelous planned for this week?
-I might make force bribe beg ask Suz out for another lunch.:)

Have you had to DNF well in advance of an event or race?

Chicago peeps:  Have you had the Chocolate Cake Shake at Portiollo's?


  1. Oh yay for meeting Suz! I need to get down there and hang with BOTH of you girls one of these days. I too may have been spotted in Portillos this past week. Good thing I did not see this shake you speak of. Wow! Holy beautiful Laila! So sweet!

  2. With today being my first day back to work in over a week, that red panda video COMPLETELY made my day!

  3. I was just about to say that we need to plan another lunch ASAP. This time I want to come up to your neck of the woods! I'm glad that you made a decision, either pro or anti--it is just much more healthy to know what is coming, and now you don't have it hanging over you.

  4. So much better to realize that you can't handle training for something than to start training for it and get injured because of the stress of everything else going on in your life that you don't recover properly, etc. (Sorry that was a long sentence.) Glad you and Suz had a great time together! :)


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