Thursday, August 6, 2015

TOLT: I'm Ready Already.

Preface:  Two things came in the mail the other day that seriously made me excited for Autumn.  I know that I'm about two months from seeing it, but I couldn't help but get stoked after opening these beautiful boxes.

Also, Nordstrom can have all of my money.

So my feet will be warm and cozy.  There's more stuff on the way, I'm broke. sorry to say excited!  Also, these slippers are already on my feet -- they are ridiculously comfy.

I'm going to go out on a limb and share things that I'm totally looking forward to at this very moment, no matter how ahead of schedule they may be.

1.  Autumn runs.<3  Is there anything more romantic?

2.  Pumpkin Pie/Spice everything.

3.  And pumpkin beer!

4.  Snuggling.

5.  Seeing kinfolk!

(That's Texan for "Family".)

6.  Cute clothes, boots, and hats.  

7.  Decorations.

8.  SCARY MOVIES.  Even past Halloween!

9.  More Autumn running.  I won't get enough of it.

And one last thing that I'm looking forward to that happens in *LESS THAN A YEAR* now!

10.  #RIO!

Are you stoked about the 2016 Olympics?

Favorite season of the year?

Least favorite season of the year?

QUICK:  What color are your running shoes?
-Mine are purple and pink and blue!  So pretty.


  1. Fall is my favorite. But I'm not there yet. No way. If it were fall I'd have to run my marathon and I'm so not ready. So I'm carrying on with summer...and ignoring the shortening days...waaah!

  2. We just got warm weather, you dolt. NOT EVERYONE WAS IN PUERTO RICO.
    Also, Pumpkin flavored things are already out. And it is National Beer Day today.

  3. You got me very excited about fall. I love the colors of the leaves and of course the weather.

  4. I have those same slippers and they are the BEST thing for a Chicago fall/winter :) so cozy and so cute!


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