Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'm going to do the smart thing!

So, now that the weight has been lifted off my shoulders regarding dropping the 70.3 from the schedule, I look forward to January 2016 for my fourth marathon (first non-Chicago marathon).  Today, on a Tuesday, we're going to tip-toe over racing weight.

We all know (or should know, that is) that for the most part, people do not lose weight during marathon training.  After training for three marathons, I can tell you that that's totally true for me.  I didn't lose, nor gain, during 16 solid weeks of marathon training goodness.  And why?  Because this is me during OFF-SEASON:

It only gets worse when I'm running 40-50 miles a week + Yoga, swimming, and spinning.  So yeah, I eat...and not all of it is garbage, so don't get me wrong.  During my last training cycle, it was a lot of fruits and veggies, along with a good amount of beef and chicken, sometimes fish.  Pizza was there, too...often...but both Harry and I were pretty good about keeping it on the DL.

I don't know what my goal time for RnR Arizona is, to be quite honest.  I have a 3:59:56 to beat, even if it's by one second.  With that said, I do have a racing weight goal in mind.  This will require some pre-training loss.  I have about a month before the training cycle begins, so I'm going to do the smart thing for once and start working on my nutrition and weight goals early.

I read the book Racing Weight about five or six years ago.  A second edition, a quick start guide, recipes and other books have come out from Matt Fitzgerald since then (the first edition of the book slightly focuses on the success of Lance Armstrong; I can't say that's the reason for the second edition -- I just found it appropriate to point out).  I just downloaded the second edition onto my iPad (there will definitely be a book review).  The first edition was a fine read.  It really brought logic to a more lean *me* on race day.  I'm not going to lie, though:  I've never really worked on leaning out for race day before.  This will be a first for me.

 I was happy with my weight going into the 2014 Chicago Marathon, and I'm still close to that weight.  I just want to see what happens when I lean out a little more.:)  I don't have specifics to give, but this is a starting point for me, and I will certainly update as needed.

However, I am going to say this:  I am NOT going to obsess over the number on the scale.  That would be completely missing the point.  These aren't vanity pounds, and I will never preach unhealthy practices, especially when it comes to running and eating.  There is something to be said about runners and their diets, to the point that there is a ton of truth to this:

Again, my focus here is to be more efficient.  THIS is the point.

 THIS isn't the point, but it's a funny picture.:D  *BRAIN HUG*  Me, surprisingly, on rest days.  I have no idea why, but I am completely ravenous on days where I don't train.

I'm up and at 'em early today.  I need to get used to my rush-rush schedule again, as school starts up again in about three weeks.  YAAAAAAAAAAY!<3  So with that, I'm off for a shorty run.

Y'all have a gorgeous day!
How do you prepare yourself for a tough training cycle?

Have you ever had a racing weight goal?  If so, do you think it made a difference?

QUICK:  What color are your running shoes? 


  1. I've never seen those runner food pyramids before. They are so accurate a lot of the time which is terrible.

  2. My racing weight goals often involved gaining a little bit of weight but really focusing on putting on GOOD weight. I know that it made a difference! It's been a while before I've really had to prepare myself for a tough training cycle--like, one where I know that I'm going to work really hard beyond the normal effort. I went into Phoenix training thinking that I would, and then my plans got a bit derailed by my lovely body. And, in some ways, I think that works for me! This kind of, set yourself up the best you can but don't sit there and blitz yourself for the sake of it. I'm just happier and my body certainly is.

    Shoes: right now I have 2 orange, 2 blue/multi, and 1 pink.

  3. Glad to see I am not the only one that is constantly hungry. I thought something was wrong with me. Normally I do not pay attention on my weight except when my pants start feeling tight. My biggest problem is my stomach.

    I have the Launch 2 so my shoes are lime green and purple.


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