Monday, July 27, 2015

Mistaken! #MIMM

Good morning and happy Monday, friends!

I am so close to the end of one of my courses, which means I feel like I have more time.  In the past three weeks, I've also focused on mine and Harry's wedding, a family trip with Sophs to Michigan, and standing up for my friend Suzie's wedding.  Life has been hectic as all getout, and here I thought that my summer would be easy, breezy, mac n' cheesy!  I was mistaken.  Seriously.:P  I'm happy to say though that things are slowing down quite a bit, and I can finally come back to the bloggie, and back to stalking you guys.

On the training front, I have done some pretty spotty work there.  I can finally buckle down on this, too; I certainly have a lot to make up for in that department.  I have a BIG race coming up in two and a half months:  The Border Wars Triathlon.  It's a half-Ironman distance race near St. Louis

Now, I haven't been completely without training.  Swimming, cycling, and running has been happening, but at very minimal distances.  I have the smallest base going into this training, and I'm not confident at the moment.  However, I have a plan that will ensure quality training leading up to the race.  It'll just take some time for my confidence to boost.:)

Other than that, I have a few more running races for the year that should be pretty fun.  I'll add them to my Races and Events schedule after I'm done with my paper today.  That being said, something that's super marvelous is that it's not even August, and I've started on my 2016 race schedule.  I will be running my first marathon that isn't the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, which I've completed three times.  It will be my first winter marathon, which means that training will begin right after the Border Wars tri.  Needless to say, I'm already a little stoked to start training for it!

My friend, Z at See Zenaida Run, and I were chatting one morning (we go to the same gym, and have run into each other a few times), and she mentioned the packages you could get from the RnR series.  Harry and I ended up getting the three-packs for $219 -- not bad when you consider that's a little over $70 for a half or full marathon in so many cities in the nation.  Harry and I have even more traveling to do next year!

Okay, friends.  Thanks for listening to my babble.  I'll be hitting you guys up HARD this week, so get ready!

Thanks to our beautiful hostess, Katie, for the #MIMM linkup!  

Do you have an 'A' race this year?  TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Have you ever run an RnR series race?  Which one?  How was your experience?

Tell me:  How's your summer going?  Travel plans?  Big events?  SPILL.


  1. You will like RnR Arizona!! I am going to New Orleans in February for a half marathon. Oh, and Las Vegas is a good one too. I think I did 13 RnR races in 2013.

  2. A half ironman!! You are a beast, I love it! My running has been more off than on postpartum, I have some weird niggling injury in my hamstring. I'm focusing on a spring marathon in VT next year, so I'm not sweating my lack of running quite yet! Glad your summer is turning out fun (if not quite as relaxed as you imagined)!

    1. Oh I can't wait to see you rock that out, lady! Speaking of BEAST!

  3. You know I have fond memories of racing in Arizona :D And it will be more fall training than winter trainnig, which should really help you out!

  4. Good luck with training! I really only have 1 race on my calendar this Summer and it's coming up in a couple of weeks; the Insane Inflatable 5K. It's my first race ever and I'm appropriately freaked the freak out.


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