Thursday, July 16, 2015

#TOLT: Something Cool Happened!


You know, I figured that I might have some extra time as soon as the school year was over, and my summer had started.  But that just hasn't been the case, my blogging friends.  Online six-week Masters courses are tough; they're even tougher when you're taking six hours.  On top of that and reviewing for exams, something cool happened.

On July 11th, Harry and I said "I do!" in Puerto Rico in a very tiny ceremony on the beach.  We had such an amazing time, had beautiful words of wisdom and support spoken by our Pastor, and fun photographers.  

I feel like I have SO MUCH more time now, for training, for school, and for YOU GUYS.  I apologize for the lack of responses, the avoidance, and the absence of new posts.  I'm all in from now on again; I just needed this time for myself.  Thanks for your rock my world!


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