Monday, August 3, 2015

I have so much to share with you, it's kind of daunting.

Harry picked up this Booger Friday afternoon.  She and I had a froyo date immediately after dinner.:)  To Josi's!

We had a big day ahead of us on Saturday, so I hopped out of bed early for a shorty run.  It was absolutely stunning outside -- 68*F  I heart.

And speaking of busy days, we wanted to make sure we were prepared.  For anything.

And a day at the track wasn't the worst way to be busy.  Our friends, Terri and Adam, were heading out there, and we decided to tag along with Sophs.

She must've taken a billion pictures.


For the past couple of days, I have been craving greens, and I was lucky to find a yummy salad out at the track.

Our winning trifecta ticket!


Erm, here's a shot of Harry NOT teaching Sophia how to place bets at the park.

Best looking couples in the joint.

We finally got home, had some leftover pizza and everything was pretty much low-key.  I had some homework to finish, and Sophs had some weird kids' youtube channel to watch on the AppleTV.  So yeah, I don't have any snapshots of that.:P

Sunday morning!  We were dropping Sophia off early, but wanted to treat her to a scrumptious breaky at Portage Grounds, where they serve Glazed and Infused donuts on the weekends.  

Also, they always have fantastic chalkboard art. 

Um.  Have you ever tried asking an eight year-old to make a decision involving donuts?  It took a while.

And I was unfortunately in the same boat as Sophs.  I nearly played "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo..." between these two donuts.  After taking a vote, I went with the Fried Ice Cream.  I wasn't disappointed.

I noticed that we kind of match.:)

Just a random shot that made my heart smile.

After we dropped Sophia off, Harry and I went SHOPPING.  Like, two hours' worth of shopping!  I've never seen him more determined, and he's run seven marathons.  We finished up our errands with a trip to Whole Foods.  I was hangry by this point, and nearly inhaled over a pound of salad.

The salad, and most of that cookie, as a matter of fact.

Harry and I got caught in a horrible storm on the way home.  It went from a thunderstorm to what I figured was tornadic weather...hail and BIIIIIIIG WIND.  I pulled over and waited for the storm to pass, and it did after about ten minutes.  We saw blue lights flashing a couple of streets over from us (I figured they were electrical wires), lightning and thunder kept going off, and the biggest pieces of hail I saw were about ping-pong ball sized.  Once it was over, we circled the block to get back on our route and found this.  There were huge tree trunks and debris all over the road.  I felt sorry for the people in this house...I don't even think they were home when it happened, which is probably a good thing.

Dinner ------------> SUSHI.  I had a hankerin' for it.  Sushi and salads = I could live off of both at the moment.  I'm always so tickled that we order enough food from sushi places for them to believe that there are three guests, not just two.


The rest of the evening was filled with some homework, some Chicago Fire Soccer, and some Amy Schumer (my real-life twin).

Thanks to Miss Erin @ Her Heartland Soul for the link-up!

Let's talk about YOUR WEEKEND!  Anything funsies?!

Do you like sushi?  If so, let's go have some.:)


Also -- how has your training/practice been lately?  


  1. That storm was insane! So quick and isolated but intense! We didn't get one whiff of it at home but we were at the Fashion Outlet Mall right across from where that sports dome blew away. Scary! Looks like a fun weekend overall though!

    1. RIGHT?! We got even more last night around 11:00pm. Lighting and thunder, over and over and over again, for a solid thirty minutes. It was bananas!

  2. Wow, I had no idea the storm was that crazy! Thank goodness you are okay! As always, you and the fam have the most fun ever. And NICE job with the Trifecta win! BIG MONAAAYY

  3. Ack! I'm so glad you're okay! And yay for winning!! :D (+ that sushi is making me hungry again...)

  4. Sophia is simply ADORABLE!!!! That storm was terrible! Thank goodness you pulled over to let it pass through. Oh, and sushi? I could eat it every single day.


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