Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sabotaged and Happy Hammies

My swim yesterday morning = sabotaged.  I swear, I was there by 5:10am, ready to rock the pool workout, but no one showed up to open the doors until 6:10am.:(  I had enough time to shower and get ready for my day.  Guess I get to make up the swim on Thursday!

One guy refused to allow this to ruin his workout.  He was walking up and down the escalator, throwing push-ups and sit-ups between sets.  I sat.  And took pictures.:)

Something completely and utterly random:  One of the fifth grade classes is "growing" their own butterflies.  I have never ever seen one trying to get out of its cocoon, but this little guy (his name's Dave) was going HAM inside his home!  He should probably be out in a couple of days.:)

My.awesome.lunch.  I want it again.  And again, and again, and again.


Today is a really big day for me.  I have my final observation for the year, and my Track team athletes that advanced go to their next meet today!  Keep me and the team in your happy thoughts, por favor.:)
Runners:  Do you have happy hammies?  

Runner's World has put up a series of workout and information videos, all things hamstrings for runners.  Go check them out HERE!

I will go into further detail regarding flexibility on Friday.  Flexibility Friday? --------> Sounds pretty legit!
*BRAIN HUG* for you!

be kind, be good
Do you take care of your hammies?  In other words, are they happy?:)

What do you do when your workout is sabotaged?  Do you try to make it up later in the day or on another day?  Do you take it as a loss?

FAVORITE LUNCH?  A lunch you could eat every day (at least for a while, hah)?


  1. That happened to me once when the person opening LA Fitness didn't wake up to open the gym at 5 am. Luckily the manager came by 5:30. It was annoying! Honestly I don't understand why they can't leave them open 24 hours and only staff the gym certain hours. We're all big girls and boys.

  2. Wow, that guy is intense! I would also have just sat there and watched him :) I could really use those exercises for my right one started really bothering me yesterday (a week before my half, of course). I pulled it in high school and now it bothers me every once in a while. Going to check these out!


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