Thursday, March 12, 2015

Track Thoughts -- OUT LOUD.

Time for some thinking...OUT LOUD.

1.  The gang got back together last night! 

2.  This was the most stable picture I could take.  FOR THE SHIRE.

3.  My life.

25 Things That Only Happen To Really Clumsy People

4.  Also?  Push-ups.   I'm sorry, but I really missed them.  I ended up with 3.5 miles, with a mile warm-up, 4 x 400 @ 7:15-7:20 pace (it's seriously been months since I've done speedwork -- I needed to ease into it!), and a .5 mile cooldown.  After that shorty workout, 20 push-ups with the crew certainly didn't hurt.

5.  *BRAIN HUG* -- What I want to be when I grow up.

6.  My students can't believe what I eat for lunch.  Many of them ask what on earth "the orange thing is".

7.    I have desperately been trying to find a foundation that works for my face.  I keep reading review after review, and have taken a few suggestions.  THROW ONE DOWN THERE, PLEASE.

8.  I'm still sore from this on Monday.  Two words:  Plyo Squats.

9.  I like kid's snacks.  Am I alone here?

(Note the dry erase marker on my pinky.)

10.  My last thought:  Sophia is her Father's Daughter.  

Thank you to our lovely #TOLT Hostess, Amanda!


Self-Tanner and foundation brand request:  Tell me your fave of one or both!

Plans for this weekend?
-Some Paddy's Day celebrating going on in the Chi!

Thursdays:  Love 'em, like 'em, blah them?
-My opinion:  They're tough, for sure.  So smile.:)


  1. You have the best most positive posts. Thank you for being my spunky PE teacher for the day!

  2. I had Teddy Grahams the other day, so you're definitely not alone on the kids snacks. And as for foundations... Have you tried Makeup Forever HD? I've really been loving that one lately. And Nars Sheer Glow is another good one. Oh! And Revlon Colorstay is pretty amazing and from the drugstore. If you're having problems with foundations, sometimes it might just be an issue of using a primer underneath them. I've been using Benefit's The Porefessional and I really love it.

    1. Thank you for the tips, friend! I have so many options, oy!

  3. I love Thursdays! They're one of my favorite days of the week.

    I'm a semi-makeup addict so I may be able to help with your foundation problem! What kinds have you tried and what don't you like about them? I've tried tons so I can give some suggestions if you let me know what you're lookin for! Also seconding Amanda that a primer helps a lot and porefessional is amazing.


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