Friday, March 13, 2015

I Have A Ton of Knowledge -- Why Am I Not Putting It Here?

Quick re-cap on food I'm totally loving right now.  Could you call them Favorites?  WHY NOT?!

My breaky yesterday:  Oh how yummy art thou?


My favorite thing (not food) in my gym right now is Mr. Obama.  I once observed a 2nd grade classroom teacher who used her "Buddies", which were two puppets in a very specific area of her classroom.  When her kiddos would go up to her to tattle-tale or point out something that was (more than likely) not important enough to interrupt her lesson, she'd tell them to go tell the buddies.  This doesn't dismiss what the kiddo says; please don't get that impression.  It helps them learn what's really important to discuss or talk about, and to think before they speak and act.

With that spirit, after asking the Kinders who the current President was (and they answered "George Washington", hehe), I got myself a Mr. President of my own to stand in the gym.  The kids are welcome to go discuss things with him all of the time.:)

Also, it's fun to put him in random places to where it'll scare the snot out of my eighth graders.  Believe me:  They had it coming.:P

Oh and my beautiful lunch.  Ohhhhhh it was delicious!  I didn't eat this entire bag; I half'd it, and I get the other yummy half today, woot.

My Kinders' favorite:  SCOOTERS!  This was their first time to use them, and the joy it brought to them MADE MY LIFE.

A student just gave me this yesterday.  Better late than never, especially when it comes to chocolate

Later in the day, I got home and Harry and I head out for a run.  UM, in SHORTS.  AGAIN.  YAY!

And then got blurry pics of us eating froyo at Josi's.

That was a pretty solid way to end Thursday.
And as far as my thinking on this Friday...

(I'm the biggest Harry Potter geek.  I'm okay with that, too.)

So here's the deal.  I've been a personal trainer for close to ten years.  I've been extremely passionate about fitness, passion, healthier living and wellness for as long as I can remember.  I have a degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis on Physical Education, and a ton of knowledge regarding exercise physiology, nutrition, biology, biomechanics, motor learning and development.

So seriously, why am I not using it here?  I've been a *Jack of all trades* (master of none), so to speak.  I've played just about every sport, thanks to my parents allowing me to find what my passion was (hint:  It was ALL OF IT).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I know so much, how come I'm not putting it here, in my bloggie?  I want to share this information with people, instead of having to be asked (which I am often, but I'd rather be a resource than someone feeling like they're bugging me [which is how most of those e-mails begin]).  I think my biggest problem is filtering what is important, and what is unnecessary (maybe I should go talk to my Mr. Obama and see what sticks).

My entire point in telling you, my wonderful, amazing friend, is that I'm going to make an active effort on bringing up more topics in which I'm truly passionate.  Am I the fastest runner?  No.  Does that mean I can't explain the formula and theories to become one?  Absolutely not!  Again, my hope is to be a resource.  As tips arise, I will do my very best to break them down however I see fit (more discussions with my Mr. President), and post them here.  I'm going to start blogging what I know, so be on the lookout::)  And bring the popcorn!
*BRAIN HUG* -----> Comin' at'cha!

PLANS!  This weekend?!  Running?!  Lifting?!  FUNning?

Do you blog what you know?

Does your significant other run? 
BONUS:  If yes, do y'all run together?


  1. Yay! I'm excited to see what you have to say for yourself! And pranking the kids with Obama is magical. I know I would do a double take! bahhahaha

  2. hahaha, you're hilarious. <3 I love that you're pranking the kids. :]

    Those scooters look like so much fun, and I really want froyo now too! *-*

    I didn't write about "what I knew" for the longest time, but finally figured that I should probably put all that learning I'm supposed to be doing to good use! I was worried too that I wouldn't be able to filter out the unnecessary/write it in a way that was understandable and not too block-of-text-insane--it's been a learning process, but I've enjoyed writing them so far and the feedback has been great! :] Looking forward to what you're planning to write about! :D

    1. I totally thought about you I was writing this, no lie. I'm sure you have a WEALTH of knowledge, and where to start is probably the biggest challenge!

  3. My hubby runs too but he's a lot faster than me!


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