Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shorts & Sushi (!!!!)

First!  Don't miss my giveaway for a bag of Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest HERE.

Yesterday morning running was so epic.  Not in terms of distance or pace (hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahaha...haha), but it was the first time I had run outside in shorts in quite some time.  I had also taken almost a week off because I had some chest and sinus congestion (which isn't all the way out of my body yet, but it's getting there).  So a shorty (get it?) in the dark.  It was 37*F out, and I was grabbing clothes to change into when I glanced at a pair of shorts.  I instinctively grabbed a pair of running pants, then put them back and nabbed the shorts.  I couldn't stand it one minute longer.  Also, I was so excited, I didn't take pictures.  Derp.

Work stuff:  Life's easy when you're scootin' along.  Know what I'm sayin'?

Time for #WIAW!  Lunch was a delicious repeat of a turkey wrap with fresh carrots, lettuce, TJs Spicy Peanut dressing, and an apple.  We had some yummy cake during our staff meeting yesterday, and Harry surprised me by requesting sushi for dinner.  UM...'W' for the day!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

A friend of mine was using this lotion yesterday.  I oooo'd and ahhhh'd over the scent (it seemed to open up my sinuses), and she let me use some of it.  I'm obsessed with it now, and turns out, you can get a dang gallon of it.  I'd be set for life, right?  I've mentioned before that I need a good lotion, since I wash my hands a thousand times a day (I loved my replies from other Teachers, Nurses, Medical Techs, and one from Suz -- the Argan n oil worked wonders for my cuticles!  etc.).  If this is the one, I might make a small investment in prettier hands.

#Motivation for today -- This speaks VOLUMES to me!

#BRAINHUG!  It's a good one!:)

It's already Wednesday!  Do you have any goals you're rocking this week?

Are you running in shorts outside yet?  

What's your favorite lotion (whether hand or body)?


  1. A gallon of lotion? That is absurd. Like the gallons of mayo you can get at Costco. You could slather that on, but it probably wouldn't smell as good. My favorite lotion scent is the French Lavender that they sell in the blue bottles at Whole Foods. They used to use it in the bathrooms (that's how I was introduced to it) and it changed my world.

    1. omg I know that stuff!

      And seriously. I'm pretty sure the gallon size is for masseuses or something -- getting through that much before it "goes bad" might be quite the feat!

  2. You ran in SHORTS in 37F?!?! You're my hero.

  3. Woo hoo for shorts! So excited it's starting to warm up around here! And that video is amazing. Those pants!! What would America have done with out Hammer Pants?

    1. I've considered your (probably rhetorical) question. I'd like to answer it with a resounding "WE WOULD HAVE NOTHING WITHOUT HAMMER PANTS!".

  4. Ah, I just had my first shorts run outside of the season on Sunday! It was glorious!! That lotion sounds awesome. I am always looking for something that will help my dry hands in the winter. I just started selling Arbonne and they have a killer hand cream that I am loving lately!

  5. That rock bottom quote is wonderful (and so true!) <3

    I can't believe you ran in shorts outside and didn't freeze. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. :O!!! (I won't be offended if you tell me I'm just a wimp with cold weather. I know this to be true. ._.)


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