Monday, March 9, 2015

The Most Effort I've Ever Given

This week is going to bring some very interesting changes.  I'm hoping and praying that the SAD goes away with the time change, and that I get my regular, spunky energy back.  I miss the days where I could stay up past 9:00pm!  This week include some two-a-days, with running, spinning, swimming, strength training.  I still have some chest congestion, so I'm taking it VERY easy.

This past weekend was a good time, but (see above) I was still sick.:(  Here's Harry, "taking care of me" before he went out for his long run.

 He really does a lot for me.<3

We needed food in the house, and I wasn't about to take "no" for an answer to whether or not we could hit up the Trader Joe's.  Every little thing about this place makes my world go 'round.  From the fantastic produce and noms, to the wonderfully dressed and totally sweet and helpful staff!

Helpful, wonderful TJs employee:  "Do you like stickers?"
Sophia:  *perk*

Talk about spoiled.

And of course, Harry thought to "take care" of me even more by grabbing a couple of these.

Sophs and I dropped off Harry, and went to pick up my wedding dress!  YAAAAAAY!

We dropped the dress off at the house, scowled at Harry and threatened his life if he peeked at it, and we were off to dinner.

I have reason to believe that she burns more calories than any other living creature on the planet.

I wasn't all that hungry, so I got a kid's meal with Sophs at Chipotle.  They looked at me funny when I asked for it, but I explained how I wasn't exactly starving for an enormous burrito.  They understood.:)


I wish I could live in Chipotle.  The tunes are awesome, the food is pretty good, and the peeps are friendly.

We got back to the house, and Harry and I tried to low-key it for the evening.

Sunday morning started very, very early.  Sophia came into our bedroom around 4:00am  (I think it was technically 5:00am), saying that she threw up.:(

We took the entire day off and stayed in PJs.  It was several rounds of puking; she couldn't even keep water down.  Harry and I started the coffee and stayed up while she slept between said rounds.  Harry decided that we needed some of our TJs booty for this kind of morning.

Around lunchtime, I quietly snuck into the kitchen to make myself something yummy.  I seriously don't have much patience when it comes to making pretty food.  Or even a variety of food.  I'm a big, big, big creature of habit, and I usually eat some of the same things most days of the week.  In in my single days, it was just easier for me to eat things that are more individually served, and I got slightly used to that.  I recently have the hankerin' for more veggies (thanks to my resolution!), so what you see is the most effort I have ever made on a Sunday afternoon lunch.  I was kind of proud of myself.

 Sophs finally stopped puking long enough to get some rest, so Harry and I set up shop in bed.  I wanted to her to get as much rest as humanly possible.  Also, I got bored.

Sophs slept right up until it was time to drop her off.  Boooo!:(  We dropped her off, then head straight to the gym.  Harry had a few miles to run, and while I'm still coughing up some yucky stuff, I decided to get in a cardio sesh.

20 minutes of rowing, then I head over to the StairMaster, where I had a good shot of Harry running on the 'mill.

The StairMaster is a beast!  And I MISS getting on it regularly.

Here, I'm demonstrating how exhausted I am after a 25-minute workout.  But I really love it.:)

Harry and I went a few doors down from the gym to grab a couple of brews, and ended up with some drive-home-snacks.

More chillin', more snuggling, and ignoring adult stuff (I.e. putting away the clean dishes) ended our weekend.

I hope you had a good one, and can't wait to hear all about it, friend!  Check out your *Brain Hug* for today!

My favorite is number seven!

Thanks to Erin @ Her Heartland Soul for the link-up!

Are you a fan of the TJs?  What's the best thing you've ever found there?
-I'm going to tell you all about my new favorite thing from there TOMORROW.

What's your biggest LONG TERM running goal?

QUICK:  Favorite appetizer?
-anything with cheese for me!


  1. PRoud of you for still getting out there and getting it done even with this congestion. That is super tough. Also, your face on the step mill is hilarious. I'm pretty sure that is how all of us feel on that blasted thing. Sadly my favorite 3 favorite things from TJ's have all been discontinued! But I love their French Tart pizzas. They are amazeballs.

    1. I'm just done resting, yanno?

      I just put said pizza on my list of things to get next time.:)

  2. Great job getting your workout in even with a sick kiddo.

    I have mixed feelings about TJs. Some things are awesome but I don't think most of their products live up to the hype.

    1. I haven't had any issues, thankfully, with the produce. I'll be on the lookout, though!

  3. Speaking of race signs, the best one I saw was at IM Boulder last year: "You think this is hard? Try growing out your bangs."

  4. Hope you guys are all feeling better!

  5. Aww, I like that look of concentration on his face, haha. I hope you and Sophia feel better soon, and that chocolate bar looks awesome! *-*

    That procrastination quote is spot-on! ;P

  6. You wanna live at Chipotle, I wanna live at Trader Joe's. Wish I had one close to me. Whenever I'm in Chicago or the surrounding areas, I make it a point to see if there's a TJ nearby!

    1. I'd visit you as often s possible if you lived at TJs, and I'd bring you food from my home.:)


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