Saturday, March 7, 2015

To Save My Life, I Can't

March is National Nutrition Month!

To kick it all off, I started teaching my students about MyPlate.  You'd be amazed how many kiddos don't know the difference between fruits and veggies!  As a project for my 2nd graders and Kinders, I asked them to make THEIR plate.  To demonstrate, I made my own plate, too, and quickly realized that I should just stick to printables.

I simply cannot draw, to save my life.

Some of my other kiddos had Fun Friday, where they get to either play a structured game such as Mat Tag or Sink the Bismark, and I get to play rockin' tunes.  I lip-synced like a maniac between tweets of my whistle.

Harry and I picked up these ENORMOUS apples at Costco about a week ago.  I'm almost done with the 12-pack of them...yummmmmmmm.

I got home, put my things away, got into sweats and a hoodie, and snuck into bed to chill out under Harry got home.

And stayed there!  I figure that I'm still sick because I'm going a mile a minute (I wish), and just haven't taken much time to rest, other than sleep.  Coming home from work and going from one thing to the other on my computer doesn't count as rest to me, mentally anyway.  It was nice to just lay and not worry about anything at all on a Friday.

A couple of hours of rest and stalking some of you guys, and Harry arrived home, ready to head around the corner to Community Tavern.  WE <3 THIS PLACE.

We started off with some fois gras butter and jelly with biscuits.

I have gotten this double cheeseburger the past couple of times that Harry and I have gone here.  The way he saw it, it was his turn to get it.  We never get the same thing -- it's basically a rule.  Here is he, demonstrating how he won't eat his burger.

As delicious as my steak was, I stole Harry's cheeseburger.

Josi's froyo afterward...I was paying!:)

They still have Girl Scout Cookies there as a topping, so I totally snagged a Samoas.

We know how to end a difficult week.  I'm really looking forward to just relaxing this weekend.
We may or may not need THIS.  It seems more European than anything, but we have four bikes, and while we have a ton of space for them, it'd be awesome if they were sitting on something functional.  Then there's the idea that maybe I just want to buy stuff.  That happens every once in a while.:P

Here's your *Brain Hug* for today.  GO HERE.:)

Running friends:  Weekend mileage?

I'm looking forward to running in shorts!  What's your favorite pair of running shorts?  Brand?  Color?

What is the most you have ever spent on a race or fitness event?


  1. Oh, wow, I can't let my husband see that bike thing, he'd have bikes displayed all over the house. He does have a lovely blue one that would look great on it though .... I'm pretty sure you can draw better than I can. Thanks for joining us for coffee!

  2. I love a pair of Nike shorts I picked up at the outlet last year! I actually just did a post on my favorite running bottoms on Friday :)

    I haven't spent much on races since i mostly pick local ones or smaller races if I'm traveling. I think the pittsburgh marathon was my most expensive, right around $100 if I remember correctly? The majority I do are less than $50 though! Crazy to think how much we pay to put ourselves through pain and suffering!

  3. I'm going to disagree with you and say that that plate is awesome. <3 (+ I need burgers & froyo in my life! *-*)

    That's a great idea for bike storage! :D I temporarily turned mine into a stationary bike! :P

  4. You would steal his burgers.
    But I need to get to Josi's stat.
    I love my super bright Athleta shorts :D


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