Tuesday, March 10, 2015


If you were wondering what an awesome 45-minute spin class looks like...

And the best cooldown song of my life

Ah, some wonderful lunch.  I pre-made my turkey wrap so it required very little fixin'.  Smartest idea I've ever had, really.

I stated throwing these into EVERYTHING -- my afternoon apple + Greek yogurt snack, salads, my eggs in the morning, or cereal.  They are tasty little seeds of awesome packed with protein and Omegas!

And POOF.  A fantastically nutritional lunch -- I swear I was more full for longer because of the HempHearts.

My drive home is anywhere from 45-60 minutes, and I'm STARVING by the time I get home.  I decided to take along a snack for the ride home, and threw in some HempHearts just for funsies.

Cut to me, in Bridge and doing a one-arm press when Harry walked in after getting home from work.  I think I waved "hello" with the other hand.

And here you see my favorite part of the workout -- the cooldown.

While I was finishing my workout, Harry started dinner.  This made me feel kind of weird; we usually make it together, unless it's understood that one of us is making it solo.  Here I was, home for a couple of hours, and doing my second workout of the day, and he just got home from a long day at work.  I could've helped or something.  o.O  At any rate, he was happy to make us some pasta for dinner, solo.

Also, I secretly added some HempHearts.<3



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  1. Spring is here! I love all the beautiful birds:) Thanks for the giveaway. I love hemp seeds.

  2. I see a pretty tree outside my window!


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