Monday, February 2, 2015

Harry Is Famous!

Can I just start off this post by gloriously declaring that I'm currently watching Puppy Bowl XI?  Yes.:)

My weekend was an awesome mix of relaxing and busy.  The busy being that I FINALLY got a new computer, AND a new Garmin...FINALLY.  We had planned on shopping at Costco (paper towels and coffee in bulk, for the win!), but the lines were so hideous that we just ended up having lunch there.  And there ain't nothin' wrong with that.

My poor laptop that got me through college is falling apart.  In fact, the screen has to be held up by another heavy object placed behind it.  It was time, and I'm happy with my choice.

Knowing that there was going to be a massive storm moving in Saturday night, I didn't really bother much with the Garmin.  I'll be happy to take some fantastic pictures of it very when this stuff melts.

Sunday morning.  I mean holy guacamole.  A foot of snow was projected, falling throughout the day, and I'm pretty sure they were dead on with that prediction.  Those meteorologists should have bet big money from the Super Bowl.

I wanted to be L-A-Z-Y.  I was not stoked at all about the idea of hoofin' it to the gym to get on the dreadmill, but Harry mentioned stopping for Chipotle on the way home, and I couldn't resist.  He knows how to motivate me.:)

While we were walking to the gym, Harry snapped a photo of our snow-covered neighborhood and posted it to his Twitter account.  A few moments later, a DNA Info reporter contacted Harry to ask if they could use his photo with cred.

SNOW EVERYWHERE.  Even in my coat pockets and all over my Apera gym bag.

A short three-miler on the 'mill, 10 minutes of corework that I'm sure will leave me sore for a week, showered up, and Harry and I were off to grab some lunch and groceries before heading home.  We're very, very lucky, as we didn't have to jump in the car and take off down the treacherous roads.

I look stuck, huh?


Some much needed calories.  For whatever reason, I was starving.

Once Harry and I got to the store, we noticed an unusual amount of pigeons just hanging out in front of the store.  And one that wanted to be my friend.

Finally getting home.

Luckily, Harry and I grabbed some provisions while we were at the store.

And my first beer of the (event) day.  Thanks, Fearless Leader Greg and Solemate Steph for the birthday bubbles!

The rest of the day, of course, was all Super Bowl business.  Nothing out of the ordinary, other than our friends couldn't visit us because of the blizzard.  

Also, just one last thing..

Thanks to the always beautiful Erin at Her Heartland Soul for the Weekend Snapshot Link-Up!

Which team were you rootin' for yesterday?

Big plans this week?  TELL ME!

Do you like watching/participating in any other sports when football season is over?
-<3 Basketball and hockey!


  1. I am reading this as I sit at work.
    Shake of the fist.

  2. I was rooting for team WHo Cares? Haha! I basically jump on the fair weather fan wagon in the unlikely event a Chicago team does well. Thank heavens for the Blackhawks! Yay for Harry! The snow was amazing but yikes people were stuck everywhere around here due to zero snowplowing I think. Holy Mother the line for gas at Costco lately has been ridiculous!

  3. We got 17.5 inches in my town yesterday. UGH. I didn't even attempt to dig out my car this morning, just sat on the couch and logged into work from here.

    1. I brushed off my Jeep, but figured the plows would just re-pile snow in front of it, so I didn't bother digging it out.

  4. We got 17.5 inches in my town yesterday. UGH. I didn't even attempt to dig out my car this morning, just sat on the couch and logged into work from here.


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