Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Perfect [Snow] Day

We all face training obstacles.

So sometimes, we just have to buck up and get inventive!  And by inventive, I mean use the tools you have invested in and are too lazy to use most of the time, i.e. the bike trainer.  A 45-minute spin was on the agenda, and I wasn't about to sit around and not let it happen.  #SimpsonsWorld, thanks to the FXNOW app, kept me completely and utterly entertained.

A quick lunch...

Before heading what I will consider "Face Heaven".  An hour of steaming, patting, rubbing, and squeezing (a horrible, necessary coincidence) on my face was just what I needed!  I don't want anything to touch my face after this treatment; I'm afraid anything will "mess it up", haha.

A quick walk home (hurdling piles of snow and ice, large and small), and I had the rest of the afternoon to stalk you guys and work on my training plan.  I do have some races coming up, yanno.

Some dinner once Harry got home.  Some beef and broccoli, compliments of Trader Joe's.  Something nice, easy, and HOT for a cold snow day.

In related news, I'm adding this move to what will be my new strength-training regiment. 

And from the "Motivation and Happy Things" department:

Have a happy Tuesday!
Do you have Happy Words for today?

Stay in or venture out on a snow day?

If you got a random Monday (AFTER SUPER BOWL) off, what would you do with it?
-Or should I ask, what would you do with your Sunday evening?  Bwahahahahaha!


  1. I wish it was summer or at the very least late spring. That is all.

    1. I just wish there wasn't so much snow on the ground. I got a new Garmin Saturday afternoon. I mean, really?

  2. Just. So. COLD. I bow in reverence to all of you putting up with all those inches and feet of white stuff. Here in TX, we like it because it's just a novelty that shows up now and again, not a way of life! Great job getting the workout done regardless!


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