Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life's Too Short for Matching Socks


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Because all things beautiful and delicious, sausage balls, and SOPHIA.

My new favorite flavor of GU.  I was really worried that I looked like Augustus Gloop after I ate it during my long run (~11 miles) the other day.  I haven't been taking it on the regular, since my long runs haven't been all that...well...long.  But one thing I learned during marathon training is that it's OKAY to take in nutrition, even if you aren't doing a 20-miler.  It's best to learn your energy and nutrition/hydration timing out on the training run, rather than the race.  Harry and I are hitting up the F^3 Lake Half Marathon this Saturday; I doubt I will race it, but rather treat it as a long run.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that the only reason why Harry and I signed up for it was to keep ourselves honest with running.:)  And speaking of which, check out what came in the SWAG bag.  New fave gloves!

Also, I'm so close to wearing shorts.  It has been absolutely AMAZING out lately!  I just finished my run in my birthday present (I consider snow a gift...).

That moment when it just doesn't matter that your socks don't match..  Harry and I lay our running socks out to dry, so there is a fit of socks laying on a bin in the back room (in which I termed "the void").  

Side note:  I <3 Feetures!

I came across some sound advice this morning.  It is SERIOUSLY this simple.  The dosage may be different for everyone, but the formula is always the same.

And as far as what I'm GOING to eat today, we have pizza in mind, with a side of cake (?!).

Yaaaaaaaaay, thanks, Google!

What's been the biggest life saver for you in terms of injury prevention?

Do you always match your socks?
Admit know it's fun knowing that they don't sometimes.

DIRECT ORDER:  Have some cake with me today!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope that you go to town on something delicious. And I better see a picture of it on IG!
    Feetures socks are the best. That is all.

  2. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day :) the exercise that continues to save me are glute-specific exercises. I have weak glutes and a bad knee, and the rehab-type stuff keeps me out of trouble :)

  3. Ive really started to listen to my body. I have been injured too many times for my liking in the past bc I tried to push through things when I should have rested. Now when I feel an ache or pain, I really try and figure out what's going on so I dont injure myself.

  4. Happy Birthday! And I agree about the socks. Mine never match but if they do it is totally by accident!

  5. happy birthday! i'm with you, socks can be pretty lame - but much more excited when colourful and not always matchy.

  6. Oh man, I NEVER wear matching socks and my coworkers kill me for it.

    How did you like the chocolate gu? The idea of it kind of weirded me out.

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I always match my socks... I'm kind of neurotic about it actually. If I am putting away a load of laundry and I'm missing a sock, it drives me crazy, lol.


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