Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Successful Shoe Switcheroo

What I've been up to as of late!

A LOT of lollygagging.

Some planking.

 Some nom'ing.

Some "off season" training.

Lots of working.

Some snow running.

Some coaching.

More nom'ing.

Some Jock Jam'ing.
(One of the basketball coaches suggested that we throw on some jams during practice, bwahahahaha!)

Some "Just Dance"ing.

And a lot of resting.

I've taken some time away from blogging so I can get some stuff in order.  We do it from time to time, and mine have been more frequent than desired, but I'm here.:)
I have been running in Mizuno Wave Riders from series 11-17.  At some point, you become slightly paranoid about introducing another shoe to your foot, and it completely wrecking your gait and form, thereby possibly causing you time on the bench and probably eating the cash you spent on the new digs.

(I'm not the only paranoid one, right?)

After thinking and researching A LOT (thanks to paranoia), I decided that it was time to find a new laced friend for my feetsies.  As I was considering other makes (LE GASP!) and models, I came across Brooks's *SWITCHEROO* page, which I'm sure they made just for me!  (Really.)  You put in your current running shoe, and they shoe you some options within the Brooks brand.

I ended up rooting for the Brooks Ghost 7s.  While I have never been the biggest fan of personal reviews from people (every foot is different), I've read some really fantastic opinions about these kicks.  I got my usual bigfoot size (9.5), and for the first time ever, my shoes feel like an extension of my foot.  This is a characteristic that most running shoe buffs will tell you you should feel when you try on a pair.

After a (very) icy/snowy run.  I didn't even realize they were this packed until I took them off.

I do feel like my gait has changed, but to something more efficient.  It's been enough of a change to where I need to stretch a bit more, but nothing major.  I don't even know that I can attribute a bit of soreness to the shoes, since I've been running on different surfaces lately (tready, snow and ice, etc.).  ALAS, so far, I'm VERY pleased with the Switcheroo.

Also, they're very pretty.

As usual, I am rotating these with my ZOOTs.  Always ZOOTs!
Have you been pretty lucky with your choice of running shoes?  Would you EVER change them?

Name one thing you did yesterday (MLK Day)!
-Unrelated, but I spoke with a wedding coordinator!  Getting the wedding ball rolling, woot!

QUICK:  What's for dinner this evening?
It's Taco Tuesday here!


  1. Having long been a brooks girl (the Newtons are the first time that I've been out of Brooks since I started running seriously) I will always cheer for them. WOOT. Ironically, the Ghosts are probably my least favorite of their shoes, simply because of how they fit my feet! I am actually back in my brooks for the time being because I need a little extra (emotional) support lol.

    YAY for talking to a wedding coordinator! Will you do a post with updates soon? I miss you! PS Alex and I were out at dinner with friends this weekend and we were discussing Jeni's and I of course thought of you.

  2. I've been a Mizuno girl since almost the beginning of time. I actually started with Asics but after twisting and spraining my ankle at mile 5 of the Soldier Field 10 and having to hobble in, I kicked Asics to the curb. That said, my most recent pair of Mizunos has been an epic fail, causing me to search for something else. I'm thinking of going back to Asics. I'd love to be a Brooks girl and I've tried so many times (I have the Ghosts) but anything past 6 miles is mega blisterville.
    Looks like you've been enjoying the off-season!

  3. I switch up running shoes all the time depending on where I'm running - trails, road, technical, recovery, etc. I run in ASICS, Hokas, and Salomons mostly.

  4. LOVE Brooks! I have only bought Brooks since I started seriously running. I was actually just on their site bc I think it's about time for a new pair. I started to notice a nagging pain in my shin yesterday and that's usually the first sign that it's time to replace them. I wasn't planning on it, but I'm all about new shoes, so bring it!

  5. I run in Brooks Pure Flows. I bought big time on the minimalist trend (it cured my PF). I don't know what I'll do if they stop making them. Probably run barefoot, I guess.


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