Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Snapshots! And I'm Still Sick.

Hello, and happy Monday!  Thanks to Erin for the invite to her linkup @ Her Heartland Soul!

I seriously don't mean to be dramatic, but being sick and taking three rest days has made me kind of...well...antsy.  I feel like I've gotten a good amount of rest, and the congestion in my chest and sinuses seem to be more relieved, though I know I'm not back 100%.  I sort of got down on myself Saturday afternoon, then realized that I went through this while marathon training, so seriously...I can bounce back sooner than I think!

I sat and blogged my booty off.  I also did other ADD-related things.  Watching movies and "Friends" (ALL DAY SUNDAY!) was practically all I did while at home.

Sophia had a dental appointment, so Harry and I picked her up, waltzed around the mall, took her to her appointment, then dropped her back off.  A shorty visit.  Boo.

Sunday was practically all me blogging and watching this.

Around noon, Harry and I hit up the Farmer's Market that's now located in the theater around the corner from us.  Woot woot!  With it being so close, we bummed it there.

And just across the street is our brand new Jimmy John's.  I have never eaten at one before, so hooray for new things.

True to form, I have to take a bite of whatever I'm taking a picture of first.

"Friends" up until we watched THIS happen.

As for me today, I'm stuck at home again SICK.  I woke up this morning feeling like someone was sitting on my chest.  So basically, this has been my day.

You know the only problem with having these on DVD?  You eventually have to get up and change them.  Boooooo.

And the rain that started this morning turned into a wintry mix, and then full-on snow.  I'm happy to be at home while feeling this yucky, but I really would rather be at work.:(

Harry, whom took off work for the week, has just brought me some Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup.  Is there anything better when you're sick?!

I'm off to enjoy my soup and hang out/stalk you guys for a while.  Just for funsies, so this post isn't a total buzzkill, I want this coffee mug.

Good question:  Is there ONE THING that makes you feel better when you're sick?  Whether it's a movie, food, or person?

Better question:  Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

BEST QUESTION:  Who's doing a Turkey Trot?!


  1. A fellow "Friends" fan! I have been watching it on TV because there are at least 2 channels showing it all all times. This weekend I caught up with all the ones on my DVR. Perfect to watch on Sunday.

    1. You get hooked in when it's just one episode after another! Luckily, the laundry, dusting, and vacuuming were already done.:)

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling better yet. Trust me you are better inside than out in this weather. I am dreading the commute home.

    Whenever my brothers or I were sick growing up my parents always used to give us Vernors (Ginger Ale from Detroit). I loved it! Something up the carbonation and ginger ale always made me feel a little better.

    Get better soon so you can fully enjoy Thanksgiving!

    1. For sure! I'll have to check out that Ginger Ale.:)

      Also, it's snowing again here. Is it snowing over by you?

  3. You had never had Jimmy Johns before?! That stuff got me through senior year and victory lap year of college!

  4. Ginger ale is indeed a miracle cure--the ginger will help your stomach settle and the sugars will help you get calories in.I am personally a bigger fan of campbell's chicken and rice (but you have to use a saltine as your spoon). I did live off of Panera chicken noodle this past week though. And Jimmy John's is verboten to me due to deep seated sandwich shop rivalry and preference from my undergrad days. Also I prefer subway and potbellys (I like wheat over white flour, thus).

  5. I love that coffee mug! I hope you feel better soon! Thanks so much for linking up!


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