Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Friends", and In Case You Were Wondering What Sophia Wants for Christmas...

Grrrr.  Still sick here.  LUCKILY, it's only sinus stuff, yet it became a bit of a chest congestion issue last night.  Another rest day, which means I get to stalk you guys for that much longer.

Thanksgiving is in a few short days.  All of the Bloggers I follow are going nuts over healthy holiday dishes, healthier desserts, metaphorical recipes (SUZ!  <3), how to avoid the yucky-fatty-feeling (a.k.a. the turkey binge!), and even how to prepare even more delicious leftovers.  Look here for a TURKEY TON of leftover recipes!

I'm always happy with the "Leftovers sammich", with the "Friends" (Monica Gellar inspired) moist-maker in the middle.

Side note #1:  All 10 Thanksgiving Episodes of Friends, Ranked in Order of Ascending Awesomeness

Side-side note:  #2 is my fave.

Side note #2:  I own all of the seasons on DVD.  I bought this pack about five years ago.  This is why I haven't gone bonkers over the rumors of Netflix picking up the series.

Side note #3:  This on Instagram.

Harry and I are leaving for Texas on Tuesday afternoon.  A few Thanksgivings ago, we had eight different pies on the table.  My family really likes food.

Do you plan on making your Thanksgiving a little bit more healthy, are you going to just enjoy the snot out of all of the company and noms?
We picked up Sophia yesterday to take her to the dentist.  We wanted to spend a little bit more time with her, so we picked her up a couple of hours before her appointment.  One mention of the word "Mall", and I was IN.

Very surprisingly, the mall was practically empty.  Not even mall walkers.  What the what?!

Sophia, age 7, wants E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in Justice.

I got her a couple of things for her room.  Letting her pay is one of my favorite things to do.

I attempted to clean out my sinuses with something spicy.

It didn't work.  In fact, I couldn't even taste them.

No cavities = Boba tea time!  The amount of combinations of smoothies they have here is just ridiculous.

This child can go from 0-100 in 2.2 seconds.

I went with the Mint Cookie.  Y---uuuuh---mmy.

Sophs went with the default Strawberry-Banana, but was not impressed with the tapioca beads.

We dropped off Sophia, and head home.  She wasn't the only one who got some goods from the mall.  As per Suz's advice from my post the other day, I grabbed Argan oil from one of my fave spots.

Did/Do you watch "Friends"? 

Have you started shopping for the holidays?  Do you have the pleasure of purchasing items for kiddos?

TAPIOCA BEADS:  Yay or nay?


  1. Tapioca beads......Meeeeeh

    1. For whatever reason, I like nom'ing on them in the middle of my smoothie.

  2. Friends!!! :D I miss watching that with my roommates back in college! (I started watching TV shows very late in the game, hahaha.)

    I also really miss milk tea. <3

    1. True story: I'm the biggest "Lost" fan, and I never watched it when it was on TV. I only started watching it when it was first on Netflix. So that makes two of us!

  3. Oh I remember the days of wanting everything and anything from Limited Too. It was glitter galore. One of my favorite outfits was the cargo pants that had zippers to become capris and then shorts. To top it off I would get the short sleeve shirt with built in long sleeves. Oh how stylish I was!

  4. I'm all for healthy, but I don't like the trend to healthify holiday favorites. While some recipes can stand to be less excessive, we don't eat like this every day and should be able to enjoy a dinner of "normal" fare. It's a holiday, after all!

    I went to the mall yesterday and it was horrible. HORRIBLE!

    Also, love love LOVE bubble tea. Alex didn't understand.

    1. AGREED with the recipes! I can handle a portioned amount of food I don't normally eat, dangit.

  5. I LOVE friends. I have the complete series set too and every time I see that Friends is on the TV I have to watch!!

  6. What did you think of the argan oil? Let me know, it is helping me so much, so I hope that it does the same for you!
    Texans do pie right. Actually, I don't think I have ever been to a Thanksgiving that hasn't done pie "right." My mom's theory is that there is a pie for everyone and one for the table, haha.
    And I want those mint green boots. NOW.

  7. I LOVE FRIENDS!!! and I agree with your favorite Thanksgiving episode - the flag football game is hysterical. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I'm going to enjoy every morsel of it! I'm focusing on healthy eating leading up to it but that's why sweatpants were invented.


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