Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Living In the Windy City Means You Get Chapped Lips. OFTEN.

SO I am up and at 'em today.  I have to work for a few hours, then hustle home and catch a plane to Texas!  However, I'm still feeling a bit...wonky...ugh...since this was me all day yesterday:

I'm lucky, it's just a LOT of sinus pressure and not a virus or horrible bug, but I do have to get a plane today, and that may make matters worse.  Harry and I running a *fun* 10K Turkey Trot on Thursday, so that will be uber interesting.  I have not worked out, run, done Yoga, NOTHING for several days.  I'm going bonkers.:(

However, Harry found something to lift my spirits last night.  I'm convinced it's the best thing I've ever, EVER watched in my entire life.

Since I've been down and out for the past five days (OH MY GOOSES, it's been FIVE DAYS!:(), I didn't get to try the new fitness class (which I can totally make up for another post), and I can only do a beauty product cover today.  I'm sure you won't mind, especially if you live in a dry, very cold climate like the Chi!

Thanks to the gorgeous Sara for the link-up!

LSR - Tried it Tuesday

As if last winter (#Chiberia) in Chicago wasn't bad enough, this fall/winter is proving to be pretty intense.  My Texas-native skin, hair, and lips are used to more humid, warmer conditions, and freaked OUT last year.  This year isn't any different.  I will totally spare you the detailed photo, but I have a huge scratch/sore on my upper lip from wind burn and dry skin.  I picked up some goods while at the mall with Sophs and Harry this past weekend (I'm lucky the Apple store is right next to the Sephora, I'll say that much).

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask
I've been using this at night, after I brush my teeth and all that.  What I love about it is that a little bit goes a VERY long way.  It's made with natural ingredients, including organic agave nectar.  It's so soothing and keeps soothing well after it's "worn off".  I haven't attempted to use it prior to putting on lipstick or gloss, but what I can say is that it doesn't leave a greasy mess on your lips that will compete with your lipstick.

The other goodie I purchased was inspired by a tip from Suz for my hands and (not-so-cute) cuticles.  

As you can see, it does indeed look like creamy oil.  This little bit covered my hands completely.  This has worked WONDERS on my dry, cracked cuticles.  They're smooth and feel more like *normal* skin after a couple of days.  I put this on at night before bed, as well.

I wish I had more to give you today, but what do you expect from someone who's been indoors for this long?  HAH!:)  I'm excited, since next week's #TriedItTuesday will be SOOOOOOOO food-related, probably for so many bloggers!  As for today, wish me luck that my sinuses won't implode on the plane!


Of course, I have to leave you with one off-topic thing.  J.K. Rowling doesn't just write my favorite books (OH YES, I <3 Harry Potter!), but she makes my Twitter day.

Have you tried any new moisturizing, winterizing (like a car) products lately?  FILL ME IN!

QUICK ANSWER:  Animal you find the ABSOLUTE CUTEST on the planet.
-Baby seals get me every time.


  1. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/swiss-eye-military-style-neoprene-face-mask-with-goggles?a=884836


  2. What good timing - I was thinking about this exact topic at work yesterday. Cold weather = chapped lips :/ The Drunk History sounds like it would be pretty funny.

  3. Thanks for linking up! This is so helpful to me because my lips and hands have been drier than the sahara desert lately. Like so dry the sides of my mouth have cracks - ouch!

    Hope you feel better for the TT. I woke up this morning not feeling great - must be something going around in the lovely Chicago.

  4. YYYYAAAYYYY ARGAN OIL FOR THE WIN! I hope you feel better soon, my dear. Some Texas air (after the dry airplane air, natch) should do you good!
    Baby just about everything. Otters, puppies (not kittens, necessarily), raccoons, pandas, seals, horses....


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