Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How I Start My Day

Next year is going to be my year of TRI.  I have done a few Triathlons in the past; mostly sprint, and an Olympic distance tri.  I have enjoyed the snot out of training all three disciplines, whether they were on the regular, used as cross-training, or hit-or-miss.

So with that, I know that I have SO MUCH work to do in the water.  It's always a humbling experience putting the cap and goggles back on after some time (about two months?), and my swim Sunday afternoon didn't disappoint in the humbling department.  It still felt lovely to move and glide through the water, and I was lucky enough to have a lane partner who seemed to be a very experienced (AND FAST) swimmer.

1500 yards done, and boy howdy, were my lats and triceps feeling it.  The worst part of the workout was actually brushing out my tangled hair.:(

Back to spin class Monday morning.  Hills, hills, hills.

The beautiful view I get to see while leaving the gym, with Panera or Starbucks in hand.  SPOILED:  I am it!

So besides training, I like starting my day with audio pleasure.  This is a song I used to listen to every single day when I'd sit down at my desk in my office (when I lived in San Antonio).  I remember closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths before opening e-mail or starting any work.  It reminds me to be grateful, free of worry, chipper, and to smile, all in one song.:)  I think it's very important to get yourself mentally and emotionally ready for your work day.  If your workout didn't take care of that, that is.

Here...have a listen.:)

I'm reading through so many blogs this morning, where many people have rocked the marathon, half, or ultra, this past weekend, and others are finding themselves engaged to their partners or working at their brand new job.  What a wonderful time!  With work, life, and other aspects, I feel like I've had enough distractions to last me for a while.  I feel much more neutral about running, not that I ever felt negative feelings or dreading it, but it did start to feel like a chore.  I'm easing back into it this week, and with a quick, easy three-miler yesterday to start my day, I feel like it's part of my normal routine again.

One last thing before I go:  I got to do THIS for the first time this morning!  More on that later!

Have an extraordinary day, my friends!  
One for Wednesday: Do you have a song you like to listen to when you're feeling overwhelmed or just puts you in a relaxed mood?


  1. All the reformer work! I wanna do a tri too. But I looks like that might come with me air biking. Like air guitar mixed with horizontal running.


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