Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Snowy Halloween, A DNS, and Breakfast Was Delievered [Also, S'Mores]

The Halloween Fun Fair at my school was a hit!  I was happy that the event went well, and wasn't really all that stressful.  Work husband and I dressed up for Halloween, and could've gotten the award for "Dressing Up As Something None Of Our Students Would Know".

The snow began falling around 11:00am by my school.  Nothing major; just some very tiny flurries and mostly sleet.  The winds were SO STRONG.  By the time I got home, it really started picking up.  :O  This was the first recorded snowfall in Chicago's history.  Ever!

And all I could think of was this:

o.O  I'm afraid.

As soon as Harry got home, we threw on the scary movies, and enjoyed a brew.  <3

We were supposed to run a 5K yesterday morning.  Due to the absolutely horrible weather, and the fact that we figured we deserved to be lazy, we DNS'd it.  We pretty much figured that Friday night.  What's weird is that we still got up early.  Being what it was, Harry exclaimed "If we're going to DNS a race, we might as well get breakfast delivered".  WHAT?  I didn't even know that was possible!

Twenty minutes later, we had breaky.

As for the rest of the morning, we had no shame.  No running, no training at all, just snuggles and rest.  I'm beginning to think that that's all we could do, really.  Harry has raced shortly after the marathon, and either done very well, or didn't really do at all.  Either way, it takes more mental focus to race directly after a long training cycle and race than I thought.  I'm glad we took the time off, for sure.

Once we picked up Sophs, we took off for a friend's baby's first birthday party.  Sophs was more interested in what he got for turning one year old than he was.

Baby Ruth and his smash cake!

We left after a short while and head directly for dinner.  Sophs and her "burrito-making station".  I think she's been playing too much Minecraft.

And some hot apple cider to accompany our S'mores and "It's the Great (Sophs adds "BIG" here) Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!".  Thanks to City News Cafe for a.) being open, and b.) serving hot apple cider.  It was delicious and warmed my soul!


Some snuggles with Olaf.

And watching/stalking some friends running the TCS NYC Marathon this morning.

I didn't run this morning, either.  Harry and I have a "gym date", where I plan on swimming.  I got the idea the other day to make myself "miss running".  Whether this means taking a break (not a very long one), or focusing more on different forms of training, I'll get back to it the way I need to, I'm sure.  Overtraining is very real; we can get there at any point, and I'm trying to avoid it at all costs.  My biggest indicator that I'm going into overtraining is that I get lazy, or feel like it'd be a chore, rather than a gift, to go out for a run.  So a short break is probably in order.:)  I'll keep you updated!
Have you felt the effects of overtraining?  What's your biggest indicator?

Any Halloween traditions in your house?  SHARE!

More share.<3


  1. Friday when I was running and it was sleeting on me I was like, "Does this count as snow? Because in that case Tiff is a GONER." I'm still not sure if it really was in fact snow, so in that case, I am going to let it slide just this once. Consider it a gift.


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