Monday, November 10, 2014

'Tis the Season for Yummy Things

So that moon was a little weird.  I was thankful that it wasn't a school day.  Teacher fact:  Kids go BONKERS when there's a full moon.  It was pretty cold; it's getting into the 20s this week, thanks to what my Momma calls, "the Arctic Tornado".  HAHA!

I can't believe how fast November is passing by.  I mean WOW.  Fall into Winter...comin' at'cha.

We had a snuggle buddy this past weekend.  Ginger is our neighbor's pup, and she's such a good girl.

She's just the right amount of rest and play.:)

All smiles in our mailbox:  Our newlywed friends are on their Honeymoon, and they sent us a lovely, singing postcard.  We miss them so much (they've been gone for TWO WEEKS!), and cannot WAIT to hear all about their glorious trip!

Onto yummy things...

Harry made his delicious turkey chili last night.  OH, how it warms my soul!

Other yummy things I can't wait to make:

From a friend of mine and Harry -- She makes some of the most AMAZING food.  I hope I can make her proud with her Pumpkin Pie recipe!

I saw this somewhere on Pinterest.  Here's the recipe on Facebook, with a lot of helpful comments.

Of course, a recipe from Mrs. Cotter!  Drooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

I have the day off tomorrow, and Harry is working from home, so we'll be happy to have this for breaky.

Something even more Marvelous than food, snuggles, and friends...I leave you with this today.  Have a beautiful, special, terrific Monday, friends.

Do you have NEW yummy recipes to try this Fall/Winter?

Snuggles:  Thumbs up or thumbs down?
-It depends with me!  Sometimes I don't wanna snuggle up and just need space, but I <3 the snuggles for the most part.

How are you dealing with the DARKNESS?  
-I'm exhausted.  Why?!


  1. I THINK WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Aside from you liking snow. That not so much. But I am one of those people that needs to invite you into my space. I don't want you just to take it for granted. PS it is supposed to get SO COLD this week. I CAN"T DEAL

    1. Further proof that we are the same person: I THINK THAT ALL OF THE TIME.

  2. girl, you are fast! thanks for linking my soup. Can i come try your chili tonight? p.s. i don't know who you chicago people deal with that cold. i think 50 F is cold. LOL!

    1. You know where I grew up...same place you did! This is bonkers!

  3. i would like to eat that whole pie, please and thank you! also, love the singing postcard from up north. we're a patriotic group us canucks!

    1. I'll let you know how the pie turns out! And if you still want it, you can have it. :)

  4. People who contact customer service also act like assholes during the full moon, in case you were wondering, lol.


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