Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Favorites Friday

Alliteration is fun.:)  So are Fridays!

1.  I went out with my (bestChicago) friend, Terri, yesterday evening.  We had some amazing brews and fried stuff.  Stuff = mushrooms.  Nom nom nom!  I got amazingly lucky that Terri was my first girlfriend in Chicago.  She is an absolute riot, extremely supportive, and is always down to go do something new and adventurous.

 2.  Being a P.E. teacher.  More specifically, being an Adaptive P.E. teacher.  My students are extra-awesome.  Some are just happy to hold my and take a wonderful walk with me.

3.  WIN Detergent  I actually won this in a giveaway from Kelly the Culinarian a few months ago.  Harry and I had been using a different sports detergent, but it never seemed to take the stink out of my clothes.  We had also just run out of it when I won this. This stuff definitely does the trick!

4.  PRs.  Harry got a 10-second PR on his 5K time last night at the Run for the Kids 5K!  I met up with him afterward so I could buy him some celebration froyo at Josi's.

 5.  My cousin's baby and my BFF, Brynn. I was rummaging through my iPhone and found my favorite video of her (from February of, and my favorite picture with her.  She's the coolest thing on the planet!

Have a most wonderful weekend, Friends!  Celebrate some of your FAVORITES!


  1. Celebration froyo = the best.

    Who am I kidding? Froyo in general is the best.

    1. I can find any reason to celebrate, especially when the celebration includes froyo.

      I just plucked my eyebrows. TIME TO CELEBRATE!

  2. ICE CREAM and meeting people that I already know :D


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