Thursday, July 31, 2014

My First *Thinking Out Loud*

Because link-ups are FUNSIES!

1.  I'm happy to say that the training gears are on full-blast this week.  I have fulfilled every workout on the calendar, and seem to have really found my stride (get it?) in it.  Here's to the next 10 weeks of rockin' marathon training!

2.  And to follow-up with that:  TODAY IS A REST DAY!  Woot woot!

3.  The speedwork session last night with the /R/iver /R/unners was pretty awesome!  Steph and I really killed it last night, making up for last week, where we were chatter boxes and just enjoyed the run.  We were practically silent during the last two (out of five) hard five-minute intervals.  We were happy to see some new faces, and a comeback for a few peeps like Eric @ This Hobbit Runs.   Harry has a 5K race this evening, so he went solo on the trails near the park for an easy run.

4.  I want to start parting my bangs to the other side of my head.  How difficult is this to accomplish?  I've heard of people "training" their hair to part different ways.  The lazy girl in me is thinking "I already train for a lot of stuff already!".  *le shrug*

Left:  How I normally part my hair.  Right:  Random curiosity.

5.  I need to get my eyebrows threaded.  Desperately.  See above.

6.  I uncharacteristically started wearing lip gloss lately.

7.  Good Lord, I'm getting kind of vain in this post!  The things you realize when you blog, I tell you whut!  I actually don't gussy up for much.  I don't really have any answer as to why; I'm not a girlie-girl, but I'm not a tomboy.  So I sort of have bouts of this, I suppose.

8.  Speaking of "Thinking Out Loud" through some of these.  They made me giggle.

9.  144 miles ran for the month of July.  While I'm very happy with this, being that I'm healthy as can be *knocks on wood*, I know it's small potatoes compared to what's coming up.  August and September should be pretty fantastic!  October will rock harder than them all, though.

10.  My devotional for today made my heart smile.

Hooray for my first "Thinking Out Loud'!  Thanks for hosting this, Amanda!


  1. As you would say, "SO MANY THOUGHTS!" haha. I used to part my hair on the opposite side that I currently part it on (the right). I changed it when I saw a picture of myself and thought "Holy cow, I look EXACTLY like my mom." Not a bad thing, mind you, but 35 years premature. So I swapped it, even though there is a cowlick right in front. Also, did you know that your natural part is typically opposite your dominant side? Mine is slightly left of center, which is on par with the fact that I am right dominant, but nearly equally uncoordinated in both.

  2. I part my hair wherever depending on the day. I'm kind of a mess. Nice mileage girl!

  3. I've tried parting my hair to the other side of my head a few times, and my hair just wasn't having it. That and it's just not cut to be part on that side, so it ends up looking all sorts of awkward. Ahh well. And I know exactly what you mean about not being a girly girl, but not being a tomboy either -- I'm the same exact way.

    Glad to have you link up this week, girl! :D


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