Wednesday, January 18, 2017

When My New Year REALLY Starts!

Coming back to school after a three-day weekend, after one week of being back from winter break (lol I know, cue the violins), meant double the amount of caffeine.  Also?  I found all of the filters on my Macbook and went for it.  Watch out, World.

I'm all-organic in the morning, man.  Somehow, everything I get that are breakfast items always end up being organic.

Including these little bits of glory...

Our first and second graders got a real workout yesterday.  They're going to be so buff for summer.:) I had to make work husband demonstrate all of the exercises, since I got my injection the day before = no jumping, no stretching *too much* (which translates to ZERO stretching for me).

I was stuck in the Health classroom with my middle school girls + another class.  We had a TON of teachers out for the day, and so some of us had to absorb other classes.   Sooooooo, I had to eat my lunch in the dark (the girls were watching a documentary), which is sad, because I was really proud of that salad and wanted you to see all of it.

As far as a workout, I decided to take the day off.  I didn't want to disrupt the healing process of the treatment I got on Monday.

Harry had gone out with a friend for dinner, so I was on my own for the evening.  Some blogging, some of The Office, and some leftover Pho made my night complete.  I'm kind of easy to please.

I was listening to Jillian Michaels' latest podcast yesterday morning, and I found a refreshing message in her show.  A LOT of people are already falling off the wagon, in just under three weeks into the new year.  (That's not the refreshing message -- just bear with me.)

2016 was a really, really tough year, for many people.  I wasn't particularly happy with 2016, myself, and I feel some of us are having the residual hangover from the yucky year.  Jillian stated that there's something about everyone starting on 1/1, implying that there's something magically motivating about it.  That's totally true most of the time for me.  Except for this year.

SIDE NOTE:  IN CASE YOU FORGOT OR DIDN'T KNOW ;) My birthday is on Saturday.

Truth be told:  I didn't want to make any training/running goals for this year.  How could I?  With so many questions, beginning in May or June of last year, and continuing on into the new year, I had NO idea what I'd be capable of for 2017 races.  Now that I have a better idea of what's going on with my injuries, and how I'm much closer to taking that first step of a run, I feel more motivated to make those goals.

And I might be starting from square one, but I don't care.  I want to PR everything this year, and while that might not be the most realistic goal ever, it's the hope I need to get back on the road.  It's the push I want.  It's the tiny thing that'll give me all of the happy feelings, and something to set my sights on, OTHER than starting to run again.

I figure that my new year can totally start on my birthday, because when it comes down to it, that's MY year.  I can do anything I want in MY year.  I may or may not have some pretty awesome specifics on Saturday, so be sure to stop by, wish me a happy b-day, enjoy some ice cream cake with me, and read my silly thoughts.  That's when my new year really starts, so even more reason to celebrate!

P.S. Did you register?:)

Thanks to our gracious hostesses for the Coaches' Corner Linkup ----> 

WELL?!  Did you register for the NYCM?!

Do you believe in/like making a goal for the New Year *ON 1/1*?

What's your workout for today?
-I'm jumping on Lola for a spin!  Woooo!


  1. Girl, you go and get it. Get it real good. Get it for all of us!!!!

  2. I make my goal when I make my goal. I mean it's not like I wait until July for the new year but I don't feel pressured to hit the magical 1/1. Yoga, personal practice this morning and teaching this evening. #yogalove

  3. I like fresh starts, so I always make annual, monthly, sometimes even weekly goals! I definitely started fresh on January 1 which doesn't work for everyone, but it does for me. It makes sense that you would start on your birthday (mine is at the end of June, so I use that as a second big starting point!)

    1. Yes yes yes! Short and long-term goals are muy importante! <3

  4. Good for you!! I"m going to take a pass on registering this year. I think I'm going to wing the fall and see what happens...

  5. love the double coffee photo! I have to start listening to podcasts and I do agree that 1/1 is not always the best day to start something too close to holidays

    1. I need to find more Podcasts, for sure. But first, I need to be interested in more things that aren't running and Jillian, lol.:D

  6. I love fresh starts, so I tend to make monthly goals instead of year long goals.
    No workout for me today, I needed a rest day!


  7. I seldom ever set goals or proclaim resolutions on January 1. I do, however, always try to have monthly goals and/or challenges. I need to do things in small increments (to actually see & appreciate the progress) as opposed to taking a long period of time to works toward something "bigger."

    1. Absolutely! I love smaller, more frequent goals and challenges, too!

  8. 2016 wasn't particularly hard for me but for some reason I didn't want to set huge goals for 2017 just yet either. How strange! I think I need to run faster. Maybe that's why I'm in a weird non-goal setting fog.


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