Monday, January 16, 2017

The Hat-Trick of Help.

So YEAH, I was pretty miserable all day yesterday.  Miserable, but comfy!

I promised myself this

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nailed it.

P.S. Thank you, honey, for breaking our "No taking pictures of me while I'm sick" rule.

The rest was really nice, but what really brought it home was ordering some Pho.  It's one of my most favorite things to consume when I'm feeling all sinus-y sick.

And just in case you've never said it before...

I also love how I get to assemble it myself.  I always get extra veggies (mint, bean sprouts, jalapeno), and this place always gives me extra broth. <3

I dug in with gusto.  My olfactory senses kicked back in about halfway through the bowl, and the rush of tastes and smells came bursting in.  That REALLY made me feel better!

After dinner, I decided to take a steam shower before going back to bed.  This was the third-best decision I made throughout the day.  All three together = a hat-trick of *FEEL BETTER*.  I'm VERY lucky that I got sick on a three-day weekend, that it was on the second day, and that I had already planned on being in bed anyway.;)

I'm SO thankful to be able to ask y'all to cross your fingers for a couple of things:

I am heading to the Pod Doc at The Running Institute here in a little while.  I'll let y'all know what's up tomorrow!

We'll soon find out if this is will be our lives for a long time
(the puppy, not Sophs -- she's in for the long haul, haha)

Fingers and even TOES crossed, please!
I'm also very thankful for these words, from this human.<3

Happy MLK day, y'all.  Remember what today is all about.

Do you get sick often?
-Surprisingly, I do not.  I get the sniffles that might take me out of the game for an afternoon, but I rarely get SICK.

How are you celebrating today?

Tell me something fun on your agenda for this week!


  1. Yup #nailedit. I hope you are feeling better, my dove. And let me know what the doc and puppy people say!

  2. Like you, I seldom ever get sick. Ever. But when I practically knocks me out for a week (well, that may be a slight exaggeration). Hope you're feeling better ;-)


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