Thursday, January 19, 2017

I don't even know what to call this.

Heyyyyyy, hey, hey, happy Thursday!  Let's get some thoughts out there, because Thursday is a random day that deserves a random post.

P.S. I'm fine with that post title.

1.  I wonder if my neighbors think I'm bananas.  All they can probably see is my head, bobbing around like a weirdo.

2.  From my Instagram --- proof that I'm SO HAPPY TO EXERCISE.:D:D:D

A photo posted by Tiffany (@thechiathlete) on

3.  And proof that I actually did my workout.:D:D:D

4.  I ate my lunch in the dark again.  What was worse was that directly after I finished this, I was so sleepy.  It was so warm and dark in my Health classroom...Zzzzzz could've seriously happened.

5.  Random truth:

6.  Random event:  I sat in the car and blogged for a while as the gang ran around the track.  It was better than sitting in the cold, promise.

7.  One more random truth, because I feel like I'm on a roll here:

+ kinda jeally of people who can run.<3

8.  We grabbed Chipotle and met up with the gang after their run at Revolution.  It's OUR spot!  We usually end up talking about everything under the sun, and we may have talked everyone into going on a trip with us in May. *CLAP*

9.  Solemate Steph was showing me some pictures of a trip they took, and I noticed a #beerselfie.  So I made Harry take one with me, and he was so happy about that.

Side note:  I think the level at which my messy bun is indicates how tired I am.  It usually starts on top of my head every day, and you can see, it has fallen toward the back of my head. I know how strange that sounds.  Zzzzzzzz...

10.  I found this last night, and it sounds like Heaven in a jar.

I hope that I've helped set the tone for your day -----> Odd, random, happy, and yummy.:) Have an awesome one, friend! 

What is your favorite/lucky number?
- ...7...and 3...sometimes 37...sometimes 73...  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This week is already almost over!  What's something awesome that has happened?

When and where is the next place you're traveling/taking a road trip?


  1. OMG BEST FRIENDS EVER: my numbers are 3, 13, 23, 37, and 73!! GO PRIME NUMBERS

  2. Mason jar miso soup? Sold.

    At least you're getting your bike workouts in!! #brightside

  3. Haha I seriously doubt your neighbors see you let alone wonder or care about what you're doing. When I lived in an apartment I always wondered if my neighbors thought I was crazy doing yoga by the window after a run, but they never even noticed!

    Chipotle is the bomb!! My boyfriend and I love to go there, especially after we have both run on the weekend. Your burrito bowl is seriously on point! Happy Thursday!


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